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Thanks for visiting the site and for being curious to learn more about myself and what Mommy Stroller is all about!

My name is Evelyn, and I’m the main person behind Mommy Stroller. My husband and I came up with the idea for this site after spending countless number of hours trying to figure out the best stroller that will meet our needs. We were extremely overwhelmed by the entire stroller selection process and we thought since we, as first time parents found it to be such a challenge, other parents must have similar feelings and frustrations. So, eventually, we decided that we HAD to put something out there to help parents that are in similar situations. That was not too long ago when we had our first child.

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Fast forward to today, Mommy Stroller is the #1 online resource for anything and everything stroller related and we’re up to baby #3! After countless number of hours researching and testing out strollers (and baby products in general), I’ve officially declared myself as a stroller geek! The site has also become a hub for me to share useful parenting tips.

We work really hard to put out great content – informational articles, reviews and guides – for every single type of stroller so we hope that you will find something useful! And of course, Mommy Stroller isn’t just for first time parents, but for any parent.

Why? Because our needs and wants can change over time. Besides, the interesting thing about strollers is that since there are so many different types of it, most parents end up purchasing more than one stroller – whether it is a lightweight stroller or a jogging stroller.

I really hope that this site will help and guide you towards your perfect stroller! If you ever have any questions or need help picking out a stroller that meets your needs, feel free to contact me! It may take several days, but I do respond to every single email. Additionally, you can also connect with me via social media:



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