Best Baby Monitors for Multiple Rooms

Welcoming your second or third child into your family probably looks and feels a lot different from when you had your first. You may find yourself needing to buy different equipment now that you have more children. Perhaps you’ll get a new double umbrella stroller or need to buy an extra car seat. If your children sleep in separate bedrooms, you’ll likely also need a new baby monitoring system. This guide will help you find the right multi-room baby monitor for your family.

Features To Consider

Baby monitors come with all kinds of features. Some monitors come with both audio and video capabilities while others only come with audio. You can buy a fancy monitor that provides all sorts of information or one that simply allows you to listen in on your child. Some of the features monitors have include:

For a full list of baby monitor features, check out our Best Baby Monitors shopping guide.

What You Should Look For

Monitors with audio-only capabilities are a little more straightforward. If you are purchasing audio-only monitors, then you’ll have to purchase a set for each room you put them in. However, video monitors offer different features that are more convenient for multiple rooms. Here are some of them.

Dual Screens

Some video monitors allow you to set up multiple cameras, then see the feeds from those cameras on one video monitor. Not all monitors have this capability, so it is something you should look for. The monitor either has a split screen or allows you to flip from one feed to the next. This allows you to walk around with one receiver instead of multiple. It also saves you from having to buy multiple monitors.

Number of Cameras Supported

Different monitors can support varying amounts of cameras. Some can only support two while others can support up to four. If you have several rooms to monitor, you’ll need to make sure your monitor can support all of the cameras you’re setting up.


Some monitors can support multiple cameras but only come with one camera. You will have to purchase other cameras separately if you need to monitor more rooms. Other monitors already come with two or more cameras. This usually helps save you money as the additional purchase is usually more expensive than the bundled cameras.

Long Range

If you’re monitoring multiple rooms, you’ll need to make sure your receiver has a long range. This is especially important if the rooms are far apart from each other, or far from where you plan to monitor them from. Longer range monitors allow you to move around your property without fear you’ll lose connection.

Range Indicator

Along with a long range, it will give you peace of mind to know when you’re getting too far from the rooms you’re monitoring. A range indicator usually provides a light signal on your parent unit to let you know when you’re getting too far out of range of your children’s rooms.

Ease of Use

Not all cameras are easy to setup and monitor especially when you’re trying to monitor multiple rooms. Some monitors automatically receive feeds from any cameras that are set up while others force you to manually setup each camera. Some monitors require you to press several buttons to see each room, while others provide simpler ways to switch views. If you are not installation savvy or do not like pressing a lot of buttons in the middle of the night, you’ll want to find a more intuitive baby monitor.

Recommended Products

There are many excellent baby monitors on the market, but not all of them work well for multiple rooms. Check out which monitors we think you should invest in and which ones you may want to stay away from.

Summer Infant Dual View

The Summer Infant Dual View is our top choice for parents looking for a multi-room monitor. This wireless monitor comes with two cameras. You can purchase up to two additional cameras to monitor four total rooms. The parent unit includes a wide, flat screen with high-resolution color. You can view all four rooms side by side on the screen, never having to worry about flipping through screens to find a particular room. The cameras are paired and ready to use out of the box – there is no need to manually add cameras.

The Dual View has a wide range of 600 feet and comes with out of range indicators. The cameras make monitoring each room easy, as they have remote control pan, scan, and multi-zoom options. This monitor also comes with night vision for viewing dark rooms and two-way communication so you can talk to your children. The Dual View does not have all of the bells and whistles some other single-room monitors have, but it provides one of the most convenient ways to monitor multiple rooms. That’s why it’s our number one pick.

Samsung SEW 3043W

Samsung is known for providing high-quality devices at affordable prices. They don’t disappoint with the SEW 3043W baby monitor. This monitor has a long range of 900 feet and comes with one HD camera and a large touch screen parent unit. You can purchase three more cameras for a total of four. The screen can show all four rooms side by side. The SEW 3043W is easy to use – just set up your camera (or cameras) and they automatically connect to the parent unit. The touchscreen provides intuitive controls for using the monitor.

While the SEW 3043W only comes with one camera, it does come with a lot of convenience features. They include:

Samsung really thought of the needs of parents when creating this monitor. It only falls short of being perfect for multi-room use by coming with only one camera. But it is a strong option for parents of single or multiple children.

Motorola MBP853CONNECT

While the Motorola MBP853CONNECT seems great on paper, it is not one we would recommend buying. This monitor does come with some nice features:

While Motorola is known for making some great baby monitors, this monitor falls short for parents who need a multi-room product. While you can purchase more cameras and connect them to the parent unit, you cannot see all of the rooms at once. There is no side-by-side view on the screen. Instead, the screen flips back and forth between rooms. This makes it hard to really monitor all of your children at the same time.

The MBP853CONNECT is not as user-friendly as it seems. In order to use the wi-fi connection, you need to download an app which then requires updates as necessary. Because wi-fi connection can vary and also lag, you may have delays in actually seeing the live feed from your children’s rooms. This can cause challenges in understanding what’s going on in your child’s room in real-time. While being able to watch your child from anywhere sounds like a great idea, it can cause a lot of user frustration.

iBaby M6T HD Wi-Fi Digital Baby Video Monitor

The iBaby M6T is another monitor that has several great features, but may not be the most user-friendly. This baby monitor includes a lot of bells and whistles:

This monitor is controlled through an app that you download onto your device. The app requires an installation process and may require updates. The M6T requires higher Internet speed, so if you have slower Internet, you may not get a quality picture and audio. In order to add another camera, you have to go through a short process in the app – a new camera will not just automatically be connected. As with the MBP853CONNECT, you may experience delays with the video feed due to its reliance on wi-fi. For all of these reasons, we do not suggest purchasing this monitor for a multi-room family.


Finding the right baby monitor for multi-room purposes can be difficult because you must balance your interest in various features with needing multiple cameras and side-by-side view. While many cameras offer a lot of bells and whistles, only some offer what is really needed for a multi-room family.

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