Best Convertible Strollers that Convert from Single to Double

One item many new parents make sure to get is a stroller. Strollers are a convenient way to travel with your child, whether it’s for a walk around your neighborhood or through a busy airport. But what happens when your family grows? When you have two young children, you need a stroller with a second seat option. You don’t want to purchase another stroller when you haven’t even worn out your first stroller yet.

Thanks to convertible strollers, you can avoid this dilemma. Convertible strollers are strollers that convert from a single into a double. Some strollers even allow you to add an extra bench seat for a third child. By buying a single stroller that converts to double seats, you can save money by not having to buy multiple strollers.

Convertible Stroller Features

A convertible stroller is ready for you to use as soon as you have your newborn baby. You can simply remove the seat, and the frame will hold an infant car seat. You may need an adaptor in order to fit the car seat properly. Some strollers also accept infant bassinets. This is helpful because then your baby can lay down flat in their bassinet, as opposed to being propped up in a car seat.

When you’re ready to use the seat, many convertible strollers will allow you to position the seat forward-facing or rear-facing. You may choose to have the seat rear-facing so you and your child are face-to-face. This helps your child feel more secure in their stroller and allows you to talk to them. Once they are ready, you can turn the seat so they can see more of the world around them.

After you’ve had another child, a convertible stroller will then allow you to place an additional seat either in front of or in back of the existing seat. Some convertible strollers allow you to turn this seat into a bench seat, so the stroller acts as a sit n’ stand stroller. Your older child can then either sit on the bench or stand behind their sibling.

What You Should Consider In Selecting a Convertible Stroller

When shopping for a convertible stroller, you should think about:

If you know how many children will potentially use your stroller, that could help you decide which one to buy. Some convertible strollers only seat up to two children. Some allow you to add an additional glider or bench seat for an older third child.

The ages of the children also play a factor in your needs. If you have twins, they will both need to be in infant car seats or bassinets at the same time. So, you will want to find a convertible stroller that can accommodate two infant car seats instead of just one. If you have a large age gap between two children using the stroller, you may not need as many seating arrangements. The older child will likely walk quite a bit and only need the stroller occasionally. If you have two very young children who will grow and change with the stroller, you should look for something that has a lot of seating arrangements. Some strollers allow the seats to face each other or have both seats parent-facing. These options are helpful during the toddler years when children need constant direction.

Some convertible strollers are also made for jogging, but many are not. So, if you think you will want to take your stroller on a run, make sure you look for this option. You may also want a jogging stroller if you think you will be on rough terrain or outdoors a lot, as they hold up better in these environments than regular strollers.

Finally, every stroller comes with different features. Some strollers have cup holders, snack trays, and numerous storage areas. Some stroller brands require you to purchase these items separately. Different strollers also provide varying amounts of sun protection and seat padding. If it’s important for you to keep your children comfortable for long rides, you should look for a stroller that has comfortable seats and extra shade.

The list below includes some of the best convertible strollers on the market today.

Recommended Convertible Strollers

Baby Jogger City Select LUX

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is an upgraded stroller from the original Baby Jogger City Select stroller. It boasts 20 seating combinations that can fit up to three children. This stroller can act as a single stroller, double stroller, or double stroller with a glider board. You can convert it by adding on a second seat in front of the main seat, and then adding the glider board behind both seats. It can also accept up to two infant car seats or bassinets.

The seats are reversible, so your children can sit front-facing, parent-facing, or facing each other. One of the seats can be turned into a bench seat for an older child, creating a sit n’ stand type of stroller. Each seat can hold up to 45 pounds.

The LUX folds compactly and easily. All you have to do is lift the sides up. The seats and rear wheels come off for even more compact storage. The wheels are filled with foam instead of air, so you never have to worry about getting a flat tire. The LUX also comes with an adjustable handlebar, so you can adjust it for your height. The handlebar comes with convenient handbrakes for decelerating and parking.

The LUX has comfortable, padded seats for your children. This stroller comes with a large canopy that provides UV 50 protection. It also has magnetic peek-a-boo windows, so you don’t have to worry about wearing out Velcro. This stroller comes with a large basket underneath. It is zippered so you can expand it further. The LUX also comes with a modest storage pocket on the back for additional items. You should note that despite its name, this stroller is not made for jogging.

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UPPABaby Vista

The UPPABaby Vista can also support up to three children with nine different seating combinations. This versatile stroller includes a bassinet and toddler seat and can hold two bassinets or two car seats (for select models). The seating arrangements allow two children to sit front-facing or rear-facing. The seats also allow for one child to sit front-facing while the other sits parent-facing. You can add a glider board in the back to accommodate a third child. The seats work together compactly so that it feels like you’re only pushing a single stroller.

The Vista is made to keep your children comfortable and is perfect for taking a nap on the go. The bassinet is approved for overnight sleep and has a perforated mattress and vented base and canopy. The reversible toddler seat can fully recline, so even your older child can sleep while you’re out and about. This stroller comes with an adjustable canopy with UPF 50+ protection. The canopy also includes a peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your little ones.

The Vista has a front and rear suspension so your children won’t feel all the bumps in the road while you’re out walking. It also makes it easier for you to push them around. You can adjust the handlebars to fit your height for even easier pushing. The Vista also includes a large, easily accessible storage basket. This is perfect for storing anything you might need while traveling.

The relatively lightweight Vista folds in one easy step and can stand when folded. This makes it easier to travel with and store – you don’t have to worry about laying it down anywhere. It can also be folded with or without the seat attached. With so many different features, this stroller is one that will grow well with your family.

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 Britax B-Ready

The Britax B-Ready is a more affordable convertible stroller. It can be used as a single or inline tandem stroller, seating up to two children. It boasts 12 seating configurations and can hold two car seats or a bassinet. It allows for both seats to face forward or backward. It also allows one seat to be front-facing and the other to be parent-facing. It has a click-and-go system that works with any Britax infant car seat. You just click the car seat in and you’re ready to go. Other car seats can work with this stroller with use of an adapter.

The second seat on the B-Ready fully reclines, allowing a child to take a nap if they need to. You could allow both your children to nap by having one in an infant car seat or bassinet while the other is in the fully reclined seat. The stroller also comes with a large sun canopy to give your children some shade.

The B-Ready is easy to fold, even with both seats attached, as it folds in one motion. It also comes with a large storage basket to accommodate anything you need to take with you while you’re out. The tires are filled with foam instead of air, so you never have to worry about getting a flat tire. This stroller is also supported by a suspension system, giving you and your children a smooth ride. This stroller gives you many features without breaking the bank.

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Phil&Teds Sport Stroller

If you are looking for a convertible stroller that also works as a jogging stroller, you should consider Phil&Teds Sport Stroller. This stroller accommodates up to two children and has 26 different seating combinations. It can accept two infant car seats with adapters. The riding options allow both children to face forward or backward. They also allow one child to ride forward-facing while the other rides parent-facing.

The front wheel on this jogging stroller can be locked into place for running or unlocked into a swivel position for everyday use. The tires are made for all terrains, making it a good fit for parents who spend a lot of time outdoors. The handlebar can be adjusted to fit your height and includes a handbrake. The five-point harness on the seats has a one-touch release, making it easy to get your children out of the stroller.

The Sport Stroller is one of the narrower jogging strollers on the market which is helpful for maneuvering around. It can be easily folded with one hand. When folded up, it is small enough to fit into a compact car trunk. This makes it a great stroller to travel around with. If you WANT the convenience of a convertible stroller with the features of a jogging stroller, the Sport Stroller is for you.

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Convertible strollers give parents many different seating options to help meet the needs of a growing family. Convertible strollers are often more expensive than many other strollers on the market, but they also usually come with more features and accommodations for your family. You should think about where the stroller will be used, how many children will use it, and what kinds of features are important to you when shopping for a convertible stroller. Taking these priorities into account will help you purchase the right one.

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