Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews of 2017

Like any other type of stroller, it is often an overwhelming tasks for parents to pick out the best lightweight stroller for their family. If you feel this way, know that you’re not the only one who’s overwhelmed by the amount of choices out there! What I’ve done is tested some of the best lightweight strollers out there and compiled them for Mommy Stroller readers!

Best Lightweight Strollers
Name Price Image Weight (lbs) Weight Capacity (lbs) My Rating
Maclaren Quest stroller 12.3 55 5
Mountain Buggy Nano 13 44 4.9
Inglesina Net 11.2 55 4.7
Chicco Capri Lighhtweight Stroller 11 37 3.5
ZOE XL2 BEST Double Stroller 16 50+50 5
UPPAbaby G-Link Double Stroller 24.5 50+50 4.8

Here is a summary of my ratings:

  1. Best lightweight single stroller for everyday use: Maclaren Quest
  2. Best lightweight single stroller for travel: Mountain Buggy Nano
  3. Most value-for-money lightweight single stroller: Inglesina Net
  4. Best overall lightweight double stroller: ZOE XL2 BEST

Let me start off by saying that lightweight strollers are life saviors! What are they? Lightweight strollers are basically, as its name suggests, strollers that are extremely lightweight and portable. They are often used for running quick errands and more commonly used for travelling. Because of their lightweight and portability, some parents use lightweight strollers as their everyday strollers as well. There isn’t an exact definition of what a lightweight stroller is per say, but I like to think of lightweight strollers as any stroller that weighs less than 15 pounds. When I think about lightweight strollers, the first thing I think about is weight. To me, every pound counts when considering a lightweight stroller!

Before I get into the guide of how to pick the best lightweight stroller for you and your family, I think it is worthwhile to first go over the distinctions between an umbrella and a lightweight stroller. As mentioned, strollers are considered lightweight if their weight is less than or equal to 15 pounds. As such, in general, umbrella strollers can be thought of as lightweight strollers that simply have more features or as I like to call it, more bells and whistles. An example of this is that most lightweight strollers only have up to 2 positions when it comes to seat recline. On the other hand, most fully-featured umbrella strollers have more than 2 seat recline positions. On the same note, the seats for most lightweight strollers do not fully recline. Another example to show the distinction between umbrella and lightweight strollers is weight capacity. Lightweight strollers can support less weight when compared to umbrella strollers. Not only do they have a lower child weight capacity, but their storage baskets are also smaller.

How to Pick a Lightweight Stroller for You and Your Family

There are a few factors that you should consider before picking out a lightweight stroller for your family. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

What is the purpose of the lightweight stroller?

For some of you, you’re looking for a lightweight stroller to use only during travels. For others, you are planning to use it as an everyday stroller. For travels, I like to recommend getting the lightest and easiest to fold stroller. For everyday use, these factors are important, but not as important. As such, I tend to get strollers that have more “nice-to-have” features. If weight is not a factor for you, check out umbrella strollers instead.

What features are you looking for?

While most lightweight strollers have the same standard features – 5 point harness, canopy and lockable front wheels – there are some lightweight strollers that have more features when compared to others. For example, some lightweight strollers have recline-able seats while others don’t. Knowing what features are important to you will definitely help you decide which lightweight stroller you want to invest in.

Who are you buying this stroller for and how long do you intend to use it?

Lightweight strollers, like other strollers have weight capacities. However, because lightweight strollers have the smallest weight capacities, they typically do not last as long as other stroller types. As such, if possible, it is recommended to choose a lightweight stroller that has a greater weight capacity as it can be used for a longer period of time.

Top Lightweight Stroller Reviews

Inglesina Net Stroller

The first lightweight stroller that I really like is the Inglesina Net stroller. It’s one of the lightest strollers around, weighing just 11.2 pounds and it packs a whole ton of awesome features! As I discussed in my full review, this stroller’s seat pad is removable and machine-washable; a feature that is usually only present in umbrella strollers. Not only that, in hot environment, the seat pad for this stroller can be removed. The “seat base” which is made up of mesh material allows for better air circulation to keep your child cool and comfortable in the stroller. This is also the lightweight stroller I recommend taller parents as its handle bars measure 43 inches from the ground. When I was testing out this stroller, I also found that pushing this stroller was extremely easy!

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Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

This is Chicco stroller (also know as C6) has been around for a long time, yet it is still one of the best-selling lightweight strollers around. Its simplistic design and “only essential” features make this stroller a favorite among parents who do not really care about the bells and whistles. This stroller which weighs 11 pounds has a decent weight capacity of 37 pounds and is a good choice for those looking to spend less as little as possible on a lightweight stroller. The video below gives a fairly good overview of the Chicco Capri stroller’s features.

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UPPAbaby G-Lite 2015 Stroller

If you’re a fan of UPPAbaby strollers and are looking for a lightweight stroller, look no further than the G-Lite model! Weighing just 11 pounds, this stroller has some pretty nice features. Like the Inglesina Net stroller, this stroller’s seat pad is machine-washable. What I liked about this stroller as a lightweight stroller is that it has a fairly large, removable canopy as well as a fairly large storage basket. The seat for the G-Lite model however cannot be reclined. This stroller comes in two different color variants.

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Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Tour lightweight stroller weighs just 14 lbs and offers many different nice to have features (aside from the typical standard features – 5 point harness, reclineable seats, etc). The stroller is suitable for kids aged 6 months and up, and up to 45 lbs. What I really like about this Baby Jogger stroller is its small footprint once folded – something worth considering if your car has a fairly small trunk storage space. In fact, Baby Jogger designed this stroller such that it can fit the overhead compartment in the airplane and is certified for airline traveling. To make things even more attractive, the purchase of this stroller comes with a stroller backpack which makes it super easy to carry this stroller around. I highly recommend the Baby Jogger City Tour stroller for any parent who is looking for a lightweight stroller for everyday use or for travel.

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ZOE XL1 Stroller

This is definitely one of the lightest stroller I’ve seen in a long time! The ZOE XL1 stroller weighs just 10 pounds which is pretty impressive given that it has a 50 pound weight capacity. Its simple to use one-hand fold mechanism allows you to quickly fold the stroller when you’re on the go. What’s nice about this stroller is that it has all the bells and whistles most parents would want in a lightweight stroller and at the same time, it is affordable. This ZOE stroller comes with numerous accessories such as the child cup holder, snack cup and parent cup holder.  For the features you’re getting, and for the price you pay, this stroller is absolutely a great deal in my opinion.

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Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite Stroller

I consider the Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite stroller to be a “fully-featured” lightweight stroller as it weighs in at just under 15 pounds. It is a few pounds heavier than other lightweight strollers featured here; however, it does offer many great features. The standout feature for me has got to be the stroller’s reversible seat that can be reclined. In fact, the seat for this stroller can be recline to an almost flat position which is a big plus if you have a newborn. It also has a large canopy coverage that will provide your child with maximum sun protection. This stroller comes in 4 different vibrant colors! I really like the reversible feature of this stroller!

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To check out an awesome lightweight stroller that you can use to conveniently travel, be sure to also check out the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller.

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

If you’ve been on Mommy Stroller for quite a while, you’ll know that the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller is one of my favorite strollers. When I first saw this stroller, I was amazed by its innovative design and how travel-friendly it is. It is extremely lightweight at just 13 lbs and best of all, it meets the carry-on luggage restrictions on planes. For its size, you certainly wouldn’t expect that it is car seat compatible…but it is! The Mountain Buggy Nano stroller has a weight capacity of 44 lbs and boasts a good seat recline, a rear wheel suspension system, an adjustable leg rest and a flip out sun visor. It also has a travel bag that will fit the stroller for maximum portability during your travels.

Check out my detailed review of the Mountain Buggy Nano here, and the latest price of this stroller here.

Closing Comments

Lightweight strollers are a definite must for my family, especially when we go traveling. In selecting a lightweight stroller, it is important to pay attention to the stroller’s weight capacity and features. When I travel, I personally find that it makes such a huge difference having a super lightweight stroller. After all, who wants to travel around with a large and heavy stroller? As such, I always try to go for the lightest stroller I can find which comes with the essential features such as recline-able seats and a canopy. All the strollers featured here are highly recommended. Be sure to check out the comparison tool above to help you easily compare between different lightweight strollers.

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