How to Find the Best Stroller for a 3-Year-Old and Infant

Being a mom is a full-time job and it can get quite hectic when you have two or more little ones to look after while on the go. Being a mom to a 3-year-old and an infant can be even more hectic though.

Three is a very busy and active age. They’re running, climbing and playing, but eventually they’re going to get tired. When your busy toddler decides they’re tired, a double stroller can be very helpful. Finding the right one is key. You’re going to need one to accommodate both your toddler and infant. This may prove to be slightly stressful.

Best Double Stroller for a 3 Year Old and Infant
Name Image Weight (lbs) Weight Capacity (lbs) My Rating
Britax B-Agile Double 26 50+50 5
Graco DuoGlider Click Connect 29.5 40+40 4.7
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double 32.5 50+50 5
Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller 32 45+45 5
Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double 34 45+45 4.5

Don’t tear your hair out just yet though. Just sit and read through a few options available to you, so when you are ready to go shopping you’ll have some idea of what to look for to help keep you and your little ones happy.

Different Types of Double Strollers

There are a variety of double strollers on the market. When it comes to accommodating your toddler and infant, a travel system style would be very beneficial. With the compatible car seat you can easily attach the infant seat, leaving the open seat for your busy toddler and going from car to stroller in one fell swoop.

There is no need to go with a travel system either. Some double strollers aren’t designed to be travel systems and your infant can easily fit the regular seat without the car seat. Equipped with a three or five-point harness, your infant will be safe and snug, even without a car seat attachment.

Most double strollers are designed to be lightweight and, in most cases, easy to fold. There are side-by-side seating, tandem seating or sit and stand options available. All three are designed to fit through standard doorways.

Some are designed for parents who enjoy jogging or hiking, therefore would be fitted with all-terrain tires and shock absorption for a smooth ride when venturing through rougher paths. Others are designed for more casual use, equipped with smaller, lighter tires, like the sit and stand option.

Below we will discuss a variety of double strollers to help you find the one most beneficial for you and your family. Like single strollers, double strollers are designed to be maneuverable, comfortable and fit through standard size doorways and store aisles.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Double Stroller for a 3-Year-Old and an Infant

When deciding on the right double stroller for your 3-year-old and infant, think about some things that will be important to you. Here are some considerations you might think about:


As a parent, chances are you’re always on the go. In that case, you will want to go for something that can fit through standard size doors and can easily fold for transportation or storage.

If you’re like me and have limited storage space, you’ll want to consider something a little more compact to easily store up and out of the way. Some are able to stand on their own when folded, making it easy to find a storage spot, without taking up a whole lot of space.

What You’ll Be Using the Stroller for

Think about some of the different places you’ll be using your stroller. If you’re going to be going jogging or hiking, you may want to purchase one with all-terrain tires and shock absorption to ensure a smooth ride.

However, if you’re looking for a more casual stroller, those features may not be a concern for you. In that case, you might consider a sit and stand design. This could be useful for those light strolls. Keeping baby close, but also giving your toddler the freedom to walk on their own or stand on the platform when they need a rest.


As a busy mom with two or more kids, you’re going to want a stroller that’s easy to fold. You don’t want a difficult folding stroller when you have your hands full with the kids.

Luckily, the strollers I’ve listed come complete with one-handed folding options, making those busy days more bearable.

Customizing Options

Some strollers are customizable to fit your exact needs, giving you endless possibilities. The best thing about this option is the fact you’re not stuck with something someone else decided was important. You can choose from a variety of add-ons such as cup holders, cooler bags, and even extra storage if you need it.

With some companies that offer the travel system option like Britax and Baby Jogger, you’re not stuck with an infant car seat you don’t like. As long as the car seat is compatible with the stroller, you have some options when it comes to the car seat you will be using.

Some double strollers can be turned into a sit and stand stroller or have removable bumpers for easy access to your child and adjustable footrests for the comfort of your little ones.

Top Double Strollers for a 3-Year-Old and Infant

The different options for double strollers seem to be endless, but after going through the many different options, I have compiled a list of the best double strollers for a 3-year-old and an infant.

Just remember to stick to your priorities when picking the double stroller that’s right for you and your little ones.

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

WIth Britax’s Click & Go technology, you can use either their Chaperone or B-Safe car seats to create a travel system, going from car to stroller in a snap and the toddler seats can hold up to 50 pounds per child. Your infant will be snug in the car seat and leave enough room for your toddler.

The B-Agile is a favorite among parents because it’s double design allows space for your little ones, but the frame isn’t too wide and easily fits through standard size doors.

The large under carriage basket is perfect for carrying your larger items and can easily be accessed through the footrest or in the back. For your smaller items, there are two zippered pockets located behind the seats.  

The handle can be adjusted to a height you find comfortable and when it’s time for you to rest, the linked parking brake will keep the stroller in place. While the lightweight frame allows for a quick one-handed fold to be stored for later use.

Both seats in this double stroller come with their own sun shade, protecting your little ones from any type of weather and the adjustable, five-point harness will keep them safe and secure. When it’s time to nap, the seats offer numerous recline positions to keep them comfortable.

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Graco DuoGlider Click Connect

The DuoGlider is the perfect travel system for parents with a toddler and an infant. With a SnugRide Click Connect infant car seat, you can create the ultimate travel system and have a seat for your toddler. Each seat holds up to 40 pounds.

Both seats are equipped with a toddler tray for their snacks and drinks and there’s even a tray positioned near the handle for you to hold your morning coffee.

This double stroller has tandem seating each with their own footrest and separate sun shades. Both seats that recline to a completely flat position and an easy access storage basket that is positioned to not disturb your sleepy toddlers.

The wheels can lock in position or swivel for easy turning and the wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride for both children. The three or five-point harness will grow with your little ones and ensure they’re safe and secure while on the go.

The one-handed folding design leaves you with a free hand to tend to your little ones.

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Joovy Scooter X2 Double

The Scooter X2 doesn’t come as a travel system, but the seats are safe enough for your little ones given that it has an almost flat recline. With the safety harness, you can be sure your infant will be safe and secure.

It is a side-by-side seating style and fits through standard size doorways. Your little ones will be protected from the sun with the large sun shade, featuring a peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on them.

You can recline each seat individually with the one-handed recline button and there are multiple recline options. Each seat can hold up to 45 pounds per child and both footrests can be separately adjusted for your child’s comfort.

This double stroller comes complete with a large storage basket and a zippered pocket to keep your other belongings safe while on the go and when you’ve had enough adventure for one day, the one-handed fold option makes it easy to stow away for later use.

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 Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

You can pair the City Mini GT Double with one compatible car seat to make a travel system, leaving the other seat for your toddler. This double stroller is not to be used as a jogging stroller, but the all-terrain tires which ensure a smooth ride for those casual strolls through the forest.

The padded seats recline into a near-flat position, ensuring comfort for your sleepy little one. They can hold up to 50 pounds each. The adjustable canopies provide maximum sun protection and come complete with peek-a-boo windows allowing you to check in on your little ones.

Just like the B-Agile, the handle easily adjusts which allows you to find your comfortable height. You can also find the stroller’s hand brake on the adjustable handle.

The folding strap allows this double stroller to fold easily and it locks into place for either storage or transportation.

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Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double

The Tri Mode Duo double stroller doesn’t have a travel system option, but the infant head hugger and safety harness will keep your infant safe and secure. These seats will hold 45 pounds per child and are suitable from newborn to toddler age

When it comes to nap time, the padded seats easily recline to multiple positions and the footrests individually adjust for each seat. The all-terrain tires promise a smooth, comfortable ride and making it easy for you to push wherever life takes you that day.

Both seats also feature their own sun canopy, offering your little ones optimal UV protection. The zippered extender provides additional airflow in order to keep them cool on those warm summer days, also allowing you to keep an eye on them.

Just like the B-Agile and City Mini GT double strollers, you can also adjust the handle to a comfortable height on the Tri Mode Duo X.

When you are done using this stroller, it easily folds into a compact size to fit in your trunk or easily stowed away for later use. The auto lock feature ensures the stroller will stay folded during transportation or storage. The stroller folds inward to keep the interior clean and germ-free and stands on its own when folded. No need to worry about trying to keep it upright or tripping over a fallen stroller.

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Shopping for a stroller can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, let alone trying to find a double stroller. It is a major purchase and definitely one you would like to last you a long time.

I just hope this article has been informative and provided you with some perspective on different options and features you may have not already considered. Remember what’s important to you and find the one with the best fit.

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