What is the Best Stroller for Jogging and Everyday Use?

Are you a busy parent who also enjoys fitness? If you’re on the go with kids and looking for ways to include moderate exercise, you should consider buying a jogging stroller. There are many types of jogging strollers on the market. Some are made for very serious runners, while others are made for both exercise and everyday use. Read this article to learn more about those jogging strollers that are also made for everyday trips out with your children.  

Jogging Stroller Features

BOB Revolution Flex

Jogging strollers come in a few shapes and set-ups. They include:

Regular strollers usually have four wheels, while jogging strollers have three (you can read more about the differences between a 3 and a 4 wheel stroller here). The wheels on a jogging stroller are much wider than that of a regular stroller. The wider wheels are made to go over rougher, outdoor terrain. This helps you push the stroller, no matter where you are. Regular strollers such as umbrella strollers and lightweight strollers are often only made to be pushed on smooth floors and concrete.

The front wheel on a jogging stroller is often fixed. The fixed wheel allows you to push the stroller faster and it a smoother ride. Some jogging strollers also give you the option of unlocking the front wheel out of the fixed position into a swivel position. With the swivel wheel, the stroller is easier to turn and direct in buildings or crowds.

All strollers come with a parking brake. Many jogging strollers also come with a handbrake so you can slow it down and keep it stabilized when running down a hill. This is important with a fixed wheel because it helps slow you down to a manageable pace. Jogging strollers that don’t come with this feature often come with a safety strap of some sort. This wraps around your wrist, so the stroller does not get away from you on a hill or if you trip. Safety straps often work well for less serious runners.

Finally, many jogging strollers come with a suspension system of some sort to keep your child from being bounced and jostled around while you’re running. The suspension system usually includes shock absorbers on the back wheels. Sometimes, the front wheels have them, too.

What You Should Consider In a Stroller for Jogging and Everyday Use?

When buying a jogging stroller to use as your everyday stroller, you should consider the following features.

The Type of Wheels You Need

If you plan to take your jogging stroller out on rough terrain or spend a lot of time outdoors with it, then you want one with larger, wider wheels. The larger your wheel size, though, the harder it is to pack it up and travel around with it. Strollers with large wheels often do not fold as compactly as strollers with smaller wheels. So, for an everyday stroller, you may want to choose a medium wheel size. Then, you can still take your stroller on an outdoor trail, but also pack it up in your vehicle for use around town.

You should also consider tire tread when looking at the wheels. Some tires come with a bumpy tread, perfect for rough terrain and rocky areas. Other tires come with a smooth tread which works well for smooth surfaces like sidewalks.

Adjustable Handlebars

Some strollers come with an adjustable handlebar while others do not. An adjustable handlebar is helpful if you are very short or tall, as you can fit the handlebar to better suit your needs. If you share the stroller with a partner, it is often helpful to be able to set the handlebar to each person’s needs.


If you plan to use this stroller as both a way to exercise and get around town, then the seats need to be comfortable. Your children will likely spend a lot of time in this stroller, and it is important that the seats are padded and the harness fits well. It is also nice if they have a protective sun canopy for outdoor use.


Some strollers fold much more easily and compactly than others. There are jogging strollers on the market that allow you to fold them with one hand. This is helpful if you need to hold a child while also folding the stroller. Some jogging strollers fold up small enough to fit into an overhead compartment on an airplane or even a backpack. This makes traveling around with them easier. These strollers are also often lightweight which makes them easier to manage.


Finally, if you plan to use your jogging stroller as an everyday stroller, you should look for one that gives you plenty of storage. Having large storage baskets and pockets makes traveling around easier. You can bring jackets, snacks, and water bottles on your journeys.

The list below features recommendations for jogging strollers that can also be used as everyday strollers.

The Best Jogging Strollers for Everyday Use

Baby Trend Expedition (Single or Double)

The Baby Trend Expedition is one of the most affordable jogging strollers on the market. It can also be bought as a single or double stroller. It has large bicycle wheels, allowing it to roll smoothly over almost any terrain. The front wheel locks into position for jogging and can be unlocked into the swivel position for everyday use. This stroller is both easy to push and maneuver around corners. While it does not have the support in place for intense running, it is perfect for moderate jogging and everyday use.

This stroller accepts Baby Trend car seats and other infant car seats with use of an adapter. So, it is usable with even the smallest baby. It has a five-point harness to keep your child in place while you’re out. The seat is padded and can recline into multiple positions, allowing your child to stay comfortable on the ride. The Expedition comes with a large storage basket, a parent tray with cup holders, and a baby tray with cup holders. You will be able to store anything you need to take with you with.

You can easily fold this stroller with one hand. It folds compactly, making it easy to store. Because this stroller is so affordable and easy to use, it makes for a versatile product to suit many different parents’ needs.

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Thule Urban Glide (Single or Double)

The Thule Urban Glide is made for both intense running and everyday travel. The front wheel locks into place for jogging and unlocks into a swivel position for other traveling. There is a tracking system on the wheel to ensure you’re able to keep the stroller steering straight. The stroller’s rear suspension system allows you to push this stroller with ease, while also creating a smooth ride for your children. There is also an adjustable handlebar to ensure you can fit the stroller to your height.

The Urban Glide’s padded seats recline all the way back, allowing your child to take a nap. The straps are easily adjustable to ensure you give your child the right fit. The padding on the seats and seatbelts ensure your child don’t feel all the bumps on rougher terrain.

The Urban Glide is relatively lightweight and easy to fold. You can fold this stroller with one hand while holding a child in the other. It lays completely flat when folded, making it easy to store. This stroller also comes with a large storage space underneath. This storage space will accommodate most anything you need to take with you. Because it is so easy to fold up and travel around with, the Thule Urban Glide makes a great everyday stroller.

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BOB Revolution Flex Duallie (Single or Double)

If you are in need of a double jogging stroller, you should consider the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie. This stroller also has a wheel that locks into place for jogging and unlocks into a swivel position for everyday use. It has an adjustable suspension system that gives the stroller support for intense running as well as recreational walking. The handlebar has nine different positions, allowing you to adjust it to meet your height. The handlebar also has a handbrake so you can maintain control when going down hills or slopes.

This BOB stroller is narrow enough to fit through almost any doorway. It also folds up in two easy steps. The comfortably padded seats fully recline, allowing your children to take a nap while you’re out. The seats each have their own adjustable canopy, so you can set them to each child’s preference. This stroller also has a large storage basket and cup holders, ensuring you will be able to keep drinks, snacks, and other necessities close while you travel. Whether you are in need of a run or a walk around the neighborhood, this double stroller has you covered.

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Many jogging strollers can also act as everyday strollers. You may not need all of the bells and whistles of a high-end jogging stroller, though, if you are only a recreational runner. You should consider where you’ll be using the stroller at and how much intense exercise you’ll do with it before purchasing one.

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