What is the Best Stroller for a Newborn and 2 Year Old?

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What is the Best Stroller for a Newborn and 2 Year Old?

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Transitioning from having one child to two children can sometimes mean you need new gear to accommodate your growing family. This may be the case if your other child is a toddler, as you will need a stroller to accommodate both children. Use this guide to help you choose a dual stroller for your newborn and toddler. Here are some possible options:

Sit N’ Stand Strollers

Sit n’ stand strollers are popular among parents because they are usually less expensive than a full double stroller, and also accommodate active, wiggly children. Sit n’ stand strollers place one child in front of the other. The front seat can be used as a full seat with a five-point harness, or as a place to click a car seat into. The back seat can be used as a bench for an older child to sit on with a lap belt, or a place to for the older child to stand. The back seat can often also be used as a place to click a car seat into.

With several seating combinations possible, sit n’ stands allow you to have:

The wide array of combinations gives your toddler flexibility to get in and out of the stroller. This provides your toddler a little more independence but also allows you to strap them in when needed. It can also grow with your children as their needs change.

Double Strollers

Another option is a double stroller. Double strollers are fairly similar to regular strollers, except they seat two children instead of one. Double strollers often come with two settings: one seat in front of the other or two side-by-side seats. Many double strollers allow for the option to click one or two car seats into the seats.

The advantage of having one seat in front of the other is that you will still be able to fit through most doorways. You can also keep the children separate from one another so they can have their own space. However, this means you have less control over the child sitting in the front seat. These strollers are also often harder to navigate around turns.

The advantage of having side-by-side seats is that you can always reach both children. These types of strollers are also often a little easier to push around, particularly with getting around corners. The disadvantage to side-by-side strollers is that they do not fit through narrow doorways and can be difficult to fit into elevators.

Double Jogging Strollers

Double jogging strollers are similar to double strollers, except the wheels and overall structure of the stroller are a bit different. They are set to accommodate faster speeds and created to make turns easier. Double jogging strollers also either place one seat in front of the other or have two side-by-side seats. The advantages and disadvantages of these seating arrangements are the same as regular double strollers.

When pushing a double jogging stroller, you are already going to have the weight of two children to account for. So, in order to make jogging manageable, you will want a relatively lightweight stroller. The lighter the stroller, the easier it will be to run with.

What You Should Consider for a Newborn and 2 Year Old?

When buying a stroller for your newborn and toddler, you should look at:

When you have a newborn that you are transporting from place to place, it is convenient to keep them in their infant car seat carrier. So, a stroller that allows you to use your car seat carrier is going to be easier to use with a newborn.

You may want your stroller to last for a long time, and your older child may already be fairly heavy. So, you will want to look at the maximum weight for each stroller you look at. A stroller that can carry more weight will allow you to use it longer, even as your children grow.

Your children will also be able to grow with your stroller if it comes with multiple seating combinations. The easier it is for your children to get in and out or sit the way they want, the longer you will be able to use your stroller.

Most single strollers are fairly easy to push around. Not all strollers made for multiple children are easy to push around, though. If you can, try pushing different strollers around in the store before you purchase one. Pushing two kids around is a significant amount of work, so it is important that you make the job manageable.

Best Dual Strollers for a Newborn and a 2 Year Old

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

This double jogging stroller is made for maneuvering around corners and on rough terrain. It is the perfect stroller for taking a jog anywhere and helps you maintain stability while running. There are nine ways to adjust the handlebar so you can find the right fit for you. It is easy to fold up so you can take it anywhere you want to walk or jog.  

You can adjust the suspension system to hold more weight as your children grow. This BOB stroller also accommodates BOB infant car seats. An adapter may be purchased to accommodate other infant car seats.

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Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Double Stroller

This affordable stroller has multiple seating combinations. It can hold two children up to 40 pounds each. This Baby Trend sit n’ stand can accommodate a variety of infant car seats and allows you to use two car seats. This stroller can also accommodate two children with one in front of another in seats with a five-point harness. The rear seat is removable so an older child can stand instead of sitting.

This stroller conveniently comes with child and parent cup holders. The front wheels swivel making it easier to navigate. There is also a large basket underneath the stroller for storage. This stroller could easily grow with your young children.

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Baby Jogger City Select

This stroller is designed to grow with you as you expand your family. It can be used as a single, double, or triple stroller. It boasts 16 configurations and is designed with one seat behind another. The stroller can also accommodate up to two infant car seats with use of an adapter. Possible ways to seat your children include:

Each seat in this stroller can hold up to 45 pounds, so you can use this stroller for a long time. It will likely be the only stroller you’ll ever need. You should note that this stroller is made for walking only and is not intended as a jogging stroller.

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Purchasing the right stroller for your family will likely depend on how many children you need to ride in it, and how long they will be using it for. It will also depend on your lifestyle and where you’ll walk or jog at. By trying out different strollers and looking at seating combinations, you’ll be able to find the right fit for your growing family.

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