Best Stroller for Short Moms (and Dads)

For any woman who is about to have or already has a child, she knows the stroller is one of the most important purchases before having a baby. I mean, how else do you transport them?

Not all of us moms are built the same though. We come in a variety of sizes from short to tall, but most strollers seem geared towards average and taller moms. Don’t worry if you are shorter; there are options for you shorter moms.

Best Stroller for Short Parents
Name Image Weight (lbs) Weight Capacity (lbs) My Rating
Baby Jogger City Mini GT 22.5 65 5
Peg Perego Book Stroller Nero Energy 19.8 45 4.7
UPPAbaby 2017 Vista 26.6 3 mo. to 50 lbs 4.7
Chicco Bravo 23 50 4.8
Baby Jogger City Select 29.54 45+45 5

As a short mom, there might be some aspects of the stroller you are thinking about that a tall mom never has to think about.

Different Strollers for Short Moms

There are many different strollers to choose from and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the right one. This can be especially true when trying to find a stroller for a short mom.

Of course, you can purchase an umbrella stroller. They are shorter in height and would be suitable for a short mom. However, they do tend to be a little on the cheaper side and are for a more casual setting or if you’re in a pinch. Chances are you’re going to want the stroller to last you awhile, so you will want to invest a little bit of money into it.

You can’t always adjust the height of your stroller, but sometimes you can adjust the height of the handle bar. Brands like Baby Jogger, Peg Perego, Uppababy, and Chicco offer adjustable handles with some of the strollers they manufacture.

When looking for that perfect short mom stroller, it could be helpful to test out a few options. Most places where you can buy strollers, sometimes have a variety of strollers on display. This way, before you commit to a stroller, you can test drive a few and get to know the feel, find what features you like or dislike and if it’s one you can figure out how to work.

A stroller is (almost) a lifetime commitment, they can get quite pricey and what works for a tall mom definitely won’t work for a short mom. Therefore, know before you buy.  

Things to Consider when Selecting a Stroller for a Short Mom

It’s clear no two strollers are alike. Moms have different ideas of what they consider a perfect stroller, so when purchasing a stroller for a short mom, here are a few things to consider.

Height of the Stroller

Height isn’t something tall moms have to concern themselves with, but for a short mom to comfortably push the stroller, it is something you’ll want to consider. If you’re going to be the only one using the stroller, find one that is a comfortable height for you.

In this case, testing a few strollers or looking at dimensions of the stroller would be most beneficial to help you in finding a comfortable stroller height.

What the Stroller Will Be Used for

When picking a stroller, consider the different uses. If you’re a mom who likes to take the path less traveled, look into one with all-terrain tires and shock absorption to cruise over those bumpy areas with ease.

However, these may not be an important factor if you’re just going to be using it for casual cruising.

Weight of the Stroller

As a mom, life can get quite busy and you’ll likely be on the go a lot of the time. That being said, a heavy stroller can sometimes weigh you down when using it on a regular basis. A stroller with a light frame you can easily push, fold and stow away would be most helpful in this case.

Adjustable Handle

When looking for a stroller for a short mom, this is a great feature offered on some strollers. If you find the handle is too high, you can simply adjust it to where you find it most comfortable.

An adjustable handle is also a great feature to have if you aren’t going to be the only one pushing the baby in the stroller. Some brands that include this feature are Baby Jogger City Mini GT, Peg Perego Book, Uppababy Vista, and Chicco Bravo.

Top Strollers for Short Parents

Finding a stroller for a short mom might be seemingly impossible, but I have sifted through the different options and have narrowed down a few options you might want to look into.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2016

Whether you’re short or tall, the handle can be easily adjusted allowing you to find a comfortable height and is equipped with a convenient hand brake. A foot brake is also included on the bottom.

Although the City Mini looks like a jogging stroller, it isn’t intended for jogging.

(One such stroller would be the BOB Revolution Flex which also has an adjustable handle.)

However, the forever-air, all-terrain tires won’t hold you back from wherever life takes you and when you’re finished with the stroller, the light frame allows for an easy one handed fold.

The padded, vented seat can easily recline to a nearly flat position. Also, the stroller includes a retractable sun cover with a peek-a-boo window so you’re able to check on your little one as they relax in comfort.

The City Mini GT can also be made into a travel system with any car seat as long as you have the correct adapter to ensure compatibility.

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Peg Perego Book Stroller Nero Energy

The handle adjusts for your preferred height and allows for an easy, one handed push and 360-degree turn capability. The wheels have built-in suspension to ensure a smooth ride for baby. With a simple one step brake, you can easily lock the wheels when you need the stroller to stay in place.

With the separately sold car seat, this stroller can be turned into a travel system. The frame allows the car seat to easily snap into place, no adapters required. The frame is made of durable and lightweight aluminum, providing you with a stable stroller base.

The seat can be reclined to a near flat position and for added comfort, the footrest can be adjusted to two separate positions. The large storage basket allows you to keep your belongings safely stored away while on the go.

Your baby will also be protected from the sun with a large sun cover, offering UVA protection and a little peek-a-boo window allows you to keep an eye on baby without disruption.

To fold, simply pull the handle located above the basket. It will fold into an upright, stand-alone position for you to easily store away until you’re ready to use it again. Unlike most strollers, the Book stroller folds inwards allowing you to keep the interior clean and protected.

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UPPAbaby Vista

The adjustable handle allows you to find your preferred height and allows for a simple one handed push and the shock absorption in the wheels allows for smooth travel.

The Vista is a complete travel system and comes complete with a bassinet allowing your little one maximum comfort. Also, if you happen to be traveling with a baby, you can take the bassinet off the stroller base and set it in any safe, quiet place for baby to sleep.

The bassinet comes with an aerated mattress allowing comfort and preventing baby from overheating. The liner is completely waterproof, preventing stains from any mess baby makes. When it’s time for cleanup, you can easily remove from the bassinet to allow for machine washing. When you’re not using the bassinet, the toddler seat allows you to easily recline into a completely flat position with one hand.

With the adjustable sun cover, you can rest easy knowing your baby will be protected from the sun’s harsh rays with a UV protection of 50+. You can also unzip the shade to create airflow and keep baby cool.

The light aluminum frame allows you to simply fold and store when no longer needed.

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Britax B-Agile 2017

Although the handle on this stroller is not adjustable, the lightweight frame makes it easy to fold and carry when not in use. Previous users have stated the stroller is the perfect height for those who are shorter, measuring at 40.5 inches in height. It also features an on/off lock so it will stay locked in its folded position when stowed away.

The seat can be reclined into multiple positions to maximize comfort. The shock absorption allows for a smooth ride for both you and your little one and with the three wheel design, you can turn those tight corners with ease. When you need a rest, the one-step parking brake will make sure the stroller stays put.

The B-Agile is compatible with any Britax car seat, easily turning it into a travel system, making it a breeze going from car to stroller. The large storage basket and convenient zippered pocket allow you to stow away anything you may need while on the go.

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Chicco Bravo

The handle can be easily adjusted to your preferred height and comes with a two cup holder parent tray. Also, the stroller includes a large storage basket for your larger items that you can reach into from the front or back.

Chicco says the Bravo is a 3-in-1 system, the Keyfit carrier doubles as a car seat adhering to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Go from car to stroller, turning it into a travel system. When your baby outgrows the car seat, simply use the main stroller part, with a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds.   

The seat allows for a multi-position recline. Your baby will be protected from any weather with the multi-position sun cover and the all-wheel suspension ensures your little one will have a smooth, comfortable ride.

The Bravo can be folded down with a simple one handed fold by pulling the strap located under the seat, the wheels turning in, so it can be stowed away in a free-standing position.

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A stroller is a major purchase and it is easy to get discouraged with the many options.

Being a short mom, there is more to think about, but please don’t get discouraged. There are definitely options out there for you, so take what you’ve learned here, test some and find the right fit for you.

I hope I’ve been able to help narrow your list and help you make an informed decision.

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