Best Tandem Stroller Reviews

Strollers can be expensive, especially the good ones. This is why it makes sense to buy a double stroller rather than invest in two separate ones when you have a second child. However, what if the apartment you stay in, does not have a doorway that’s big enough for a side-by-side double stroller? Also, for many, the width of a side-by-side double is always an issue in small elevators, subway aisles and pretty much anywhere that has a narrow passing. This is exactly where the tandem double stroller comes in.

Best Tandem Double Strollers
Name Image Weight (lbs) Weight Capacity (lbs) My Rating
Baby Jogger City Select 28 45+45 5
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller 32.5 40+40 4.4
Mountain Buggy Plus One 30.9 44+44 4.3
Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller 34 40+40 5
Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller 34 40+40 4.8
Summer Infant 3D Two Double Convenience Stroller Stroller 22 75 (total) 4

What is a Tandem Stroller?

A tandem stroller or a tandem double stroller is a double stroller that has its seats arranged in line with each other. In other words, one seat is always in front of the other in tandem strollers. Depending on the particular product, a tandem could be equipped with one or even two infant car seats/compatible bassinets. There are also all-terrain tandem strollers with adequate wheel sets and suspension to handle even the rough outdoors, should you decide to go explore the outdoors with your family.

A tandem jogging stroller on the other hand has robust shock absorbers and a fixed/lockable front wheel to withstand speed while keeping your little one comfortable. They offer pretty much everything that a side-by-side does, but in a different seating arrangement and a much slimmer profile.

Tandem vs. Side-by-Side Strollers

The main advantage of a tandem stroller lies in the fact that they are hardly any wider than a single stroller, in spite of being a double. The in-line arrangement of the seats allows the parent to navigate through tight passages and elevators with ease. Most of the tandem strollers offer a multitude of seating positions for the two children, be it parent facing, front-facing or facing each other.

They are however, not without their own share of faults either. Firstly, the leg room is always going to be limited for your children riding the stroller, especially for the one in the back. Secondly, due to their very design, tandem strollers are typically harder to push and cannot offer a sufficiently portable fold.

Side-by-side strollers on the other hand offer more leg space for both children and are definitely easier to push, as compared to tandem strollers. They can be folded into a much more compact form and offer more maneuverability than tandem strollers. Nevertheless, they are also much wider and thus cannot always fit through narrow passages well. Additionally, even the most versatile side-by-side double cannot provide as many seating positions as a tandem can.

If you have a newborn and say a 3-year old, going for a sit and stand tandem stroller can be an excellent idea. These typically consist of a single stroller seat at the back and a gap in front for the older kid to ride along, if he/she gets too tired while walking. Some of the models even have a bench type seat in front for the older child to sit.

If you’re interested in a side-by-side double stroller that is narrow, check out my guide here.

Which Tandem Stroller is For You?

It depends; do you have a narrow doorway at your apartment? Is the entrance to your apartment building’s elevator a tight one? Could you use something that lets your younger son and your older daughter ride together, without making her ride a regular stroller seat that she had outgrown months ago?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you can definitely use a tandem double stroller. In order to help you with the process of selecting the right one, I have listed five of the best tandem double stroller options below, for you to choose from.

Top-Rated Tandem Double Stroller Reviews

Baby Jogger City Select

The Baby Jogger City Select is by far one of the most adaptable strollers that you can buy. It can act as a single stroller, a tandem double stroller and even a triple, when equipped with an optional Glider Board for a third kid. It offers multiple sitting arrangements so that you can adjust the seats according to your own convenience. There’s also the well-designed wheel system, adjustable handlebar and a lot of other nice touches that makes it one of the best, if not the best tandem stroller on our list.

Weight:  28 lbs

Maximum weight capacity: 45 lbs on each of the seats

Recommended age: Baby Jogger doesn’t mention the minimum age


  1. The children can sit in multiple positions, be it parent-facing, road-facing, or facing each other.
  2. Adjustable seat and foot rest allows for maximum comfort, especially when used as a single.
  3. The City Select folds automatically and compactly as soon as you lift the triggers situated on its sides and can be locked for easy portability.
  4. The extendable canopy is UV 50+ sun-proof and has a magnetic peek-a-boo window at the top. I like the fact that it is even height-adjustable for taller kids.
  5. There is a handbrake for parking on the adjustable handlebar, which in itself is a blessing for the taller parents.
  6. Although the City Select isn’t an all-terrain or a jogger, it features robust 12-inch tires at the back that never go flat and are capable of handling grassy playgrounds and road bumps without any issues. Even the 8-inch swivel front wheels which have suspension on them can be locked for providing more stability and comfort to your children.
  7. Baby Jogger has made this tandem stroller to last and it shows due to the sturdy build quality.


  1. All accessories, including the second seat will cost you extra.
  2. The seating arrangement becomes more cramped after the second seat is installed, making it harder for older children to sit in it comfortably for too long.

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand double stroller is a time tested product that’s still considered to be one of the best sit and stand tandem strollers around. Initially, it sports two stroller seats, but just by removing the back seat, it becomes a sit and stand unit where the older child can stand or seat at the back, while your young one sleeps in the front seat. Alternately, you can put in two parent-facing car seats in both the front and the back or maybe just one at the front. It also has a nice parent tray, complete with two cup holders.

Weight: 32.5 lbs

Maximum Weight capacity: 40 lbs on each of the two seats

Recommended age: In order to sit or stand at the back platform, the child should be at least two-and-a-half years old


  1. It can act as a regular tandem double stroller or a sit and stand stroller, depending on your needs.
  2. The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double is compatible with a range of infant car seats like the Aprica A30, Britax Companion/Chaperone, Graco Snugride 32/Safe Seat, etc.
  3. Folds well into a compact and manageable form.
  4. In spite of being a large tandem stroller, it’s quite easy to push.
  5. The build quality is good and it even includes a parent tray fitted with two cup holders.
  6. Excellent price to performance ratio.


  1. This is a big and heavy stroller that some parents may have a problem with while loading and unloading it from the trunk of the car.
  2. It cannot be pushed with just one hand without a considerable amount of effort.

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Mountain Buggy Plus One

The +One is almost identical to the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller in many ways, but it can carry two kids instead of one, thanks to its inline design. One of the most versatile tandem strollers in the market, the Plus One can carry two kids or one kid and one baby or just one kid, depending on the need of the hour. It’s also quite easy to fold and best of all, this is a fully featured all-terrain tandem stroller that comes with adequate wheels and a suspension system to match.

Weight: 30.9 lbs as a double and 28.7 lbs as a single

Maximum weight capacity: 44 lbs on each of the seats, but can carry up to 55 lbs when used as a single

Recommended age: From birth to up to five years


  1. Flexible design that allows it to become a single stroller or a tandem double stroller at will.
  2. The fully flat recline makes it suitable for newborn babies and it can be adjusted to offer an upright sitting position as well for inquisitive children who want to look around.
  3. All terrain wheels with adequate suspension that can handle even off-road adventuring.
  4. The front wheel can be easily lifted by putting downward pressure on the handlebar to get over road bumps and debris.
  5. All tall parents swear by the adjustable handlebar and the Plus One has that.
  6. The swivel front wheel can be locked by simply flicking the easy to reach lever on.
  7. Both the 5-point harness and the crotch strap are adjustable for making children as comfortable as possible.
  8. It has a single large UPF 50+ canopy with a magnetic peek-a-boo window that can be extended to cover both the children.
  9. Plenty of storage options including zipper pockets.


  1. No neck support included with the infant mattress.
  2. While using it as a single, it is advised that you let your kid sit in the back seat as it is reported to have a tendency to tip in front when there’s just one child in the stroller and he/she is sitting in the front seat.

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Contours Options Tandem Stroller


The Contours Options Elite Double stroller is the best tandem stroller according to many experts and it did win the 2016 Cribsie Award. The Elite is perfectly compatible with a wide range of infant car seats from Graco, Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Baby Trend, Peg Perego and most other major car seat manufacturers. There is even a single car seat adapter included right in the box. It comes equipped with large UPF 50+ canopies, EVA wheels, lots of storage and a few appreciable accessories.

Weight: 34 lbs

Maximum weight capacity: 40 lbs on each of the two stroller seats

Recommended age: 6 months to 40 lbs


  1. It is compatible with more infant car seats (10) from various manufacturers than any other tandem double and even includes a car seat adapter in the package.
  2. The canopies are big, extendable and offer UPF 50+ sun protection to your kids.
  3. Although these are just EVA wheels, the rubber coating allows them to take a decent pounding from road bumps, cracks and debris, without your children complaining.
  4. The seats recline back far enough for a comfortable nap and they can be adjusted into seven different configurations. It actually felt quite easy to connect and remove the seats as they clicked on and off quite readily.
  5. The storage options on the Elite is plenty and the basket underneath is really big, one of the biggest we have ever seen on a stroller. Additionally there are also the storage pockets on the seats.
  6. The pushing and the maneuvering is easier than a lot of the other tandem double strollers that we have used.
  7. The handlebar isn’t adjustable, but it is tall enough and placed well enough for most people.
  8. Includes cup holder for parents and one infant car seat adapter.
  9. The Contours Options Elite Double stroller is affordable without cutting corners.


  1. At 38 lbs, the Elite is a heavy stroller that’s not meant to be lifted or pushed with just one hand.
  2. The fold is neither fast nor very compact and will easily take up a lot of space in your car’s trunk.

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Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

The Italian tandem stroller looks great thanks to dyed fabrics and beautiful stitching, but it also is extremely comfortable to ride in for the children due to the all-wheel suspension system. There’s a ton of other things to like about the Chicco Cortina Together like the adjustable, padded handlebar, the linked rear brakes, adjustable canopies, easy folding with automatic locking and the sturdy aluminium frame with oval-shaped tubing. But even with all these features, the Cortina Together is considered hard to move around by many parents, although it weighs just 23 lbs!

Weight: 34 lbs

Maximum weight capacity: 40 lbs on each of the two seats

Recommended age: From birth to 40 lbs


  1. All-wheel suspension instead of just front wheel suspension provides a steady and comfy ride.
  2. The detailed fabrics look surprisingly good, considering the affordable price tag.
  3. There are brakes on both the rear wheels but you will just have to touch a single trigger to activate both of them at once.
  4. The child’s armbar can be swapped for cup holders.
  5. Not only can you adjust the height of the handlebar, but while folding the stroller, you can also fold the handlebar down for an even more compact fold.
  6. It can accept infant car seats in both the front and the back, but the selection of compatible car seats isn’t very impressive.
  7. The anodized aluminium build looks sturdy and feels so too.
  8. Large basket is great for putting in diaper bags, clothes and doing a bit of shopping in the mall as well.


  1. Pushing and maneuvering with two kids inside is harder than it should be for a stroller that weighs just 34 lbs.

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Which Tandem Double Stroller Should You Get?

The best tandem stroller for you will depend on your budget and your personal preferences at the end of the day, but if we were to recommend just one to you, it would be the Baby Jogger City Select tandem stroller because it beats the competition in almost every department. However, you will almost certainly not go wrong with ANY one of these top rated tandem strollers, so feel free to choose the one that best meets your needs.

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