Best Triple Stroller Reviews

Very few couples are blessed with triplets and if you are one of them, then let me first congratulate you! It’s a very (very) special event in your life but the responsibilities are triple as much too! In order to manage and take control of the situation, you can definitely use the help of a triplet stroller to keep the three babies together and in your direct attention, especially when you’re out with them. You can also use a triple stroller if you have a twin and a singleton born in close proximity. Having one of these strollers will save you the hassle of having two, three or even four separate strollers and give you the liberty of taking all your kids out together like a family should.

Best Triple Stroller Reviews

Would a Triple Baby Stroller be the Right Choice for You?

If you have triplets or twins and a toddler, then it seems like the obvious choice, but as with everything, there are certain tradeoffs that you must consider before buying one.

Firstly, triplet strollers are pretty heavy and really big as they are designed to carry three kids. In fact, most triple strollers won’t really fit into the trunk of an average car because of their size. If you’re like me and don’t consider yourself athletic, it can be somewhat challenging to carry a triple stroller on your own, unless you’re a power athlete!

Secondly, they are not the easiest to maneuver around and certainly not fit to take into crowded spaces like subways. You may feel like you are pushing a mini bus, rather than a stroller, especially when turning corners.

Finally, there aren’t a lot of choices for you to choose from, unlike single and double strollers.

That being said, triplet strollers have their positives too and the most important of those positives is the fact that it lets you and all your three kids enjoy some time together outside the house. There is also the added safety and convenience factor at work here, because a triple stroller will allow parents keep an eye on all the three kids at once, without having to worry about separate strollers in a crowded zoo or mall.

A triple stroller will take up quite a bit of space in your home, but it will always be less space-consuming than having to accommodate for multiple strollers.

Finally, it’s just more cost effective to have a triplet stroller that will last you through all your kids, rather than buying separate strollers for each of them. That being said, you may need a lightweight single stroller or a lightweight double stroller for daily use anyway as triples are not very portable and certainly not suitable for daily commuting through the city. Ultimately though, it will all come down to personal preference and your particular situation.

Best Triplet Stroller Reviews

In order to help you find the perfect triple stroller suited to your family’s particular situation and needs, I have compiled a concise list of best triple stroller reviews.

Peg Perego Triplette SW

Weight: 60.8 lbs

Maximum seat capacity: 150 lbs with 50 lbs on each of the three stroller seats

The Peg Perego Triplette SW is a tandem triple stroller and it’s a really big one. Nevertheless, its huge size allows for comfortable sitting and in order to make maneuvering easier, Peg Perego has attached a steering wheel right on the handlebar to turn the front wheels without much effort. The Italian made product also has a premium feel to it due to the quality materials used and you can fit up to three Viaggio infant car seats if you need to. Three car seat? Yes!


  1. The bus-like design of the Triplette is made more manageable through the addition of the steering wheel on the handlebar and big wheels with suspension.
  2. Seats can be reclined back and the foot rests on each of the three seats can be adjusted to up to two positions to make your child more comfortable.
  3. All three seats can face either the parent or the front, depending on convenience.
  4. As this is a tandem triple, the Triplette SW will get through doorways and tight passages better than side-by-side triple strollers.
  5. You can attach Primo Viaggio infant car seats in place of all the three stroller seats without needing to buy an adapter.
  6. Adjustable 5-point harness and individual canopies with a loop to hang toys or items that your children love.
  7. Decent fold for a triple tandem stroller.


  1. It weighs more than 60 lbs, so you are not exactly going to be able to carry this one around on your own.
  2. Even when folded, the Triplette SW will not fit comfortably into the trunk of most cars and especially not a compact.
  3. Even at a hefty price, the manufacturer has included absolutely no accessories and that’s quite a shame.

BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller

Weight: 57 lbs

Maximum seat capacity: 50 lbs on each of the three stroller seats

One of the very few triple jogging strollers available in the market today, the BeBeLove Triple sports two fixed wheels at the front for extra stability and comfort of your children while you go for a jog with them. There are two tires at the back as well and all of these tires are air-filled and of the same size, as is the case with most joggers. Because it is a side-by-side triplet stroller, you may have trouble strolling it through tight passages and even standard sized doorways though.


  1. It’s a sturdy stroller built with a steel frame and not aluminum alloy like most strollers.
  2. Air-filled rubber tires on top of metal rims ensure a comfortable ride for your kids during speedy jogs and the fixed front wheels provide the stability a jogger needs.
  3. The single extendable canopy is large and sports three peek-a-boo windows for you to keep an eye on your children. Alternately, you can also detach it from the stroller if you need to.
  4. There’s a lot of storage in the form of three pockets on the back of the seats, six pockets on the sides and three storage bins under the seat.
  5. The seats recline back individually and well enough, but not fully.
  6. As this is a jogger, safety is imperative and it sports 5-point harnesses, handbrakes and footbrakes to cover that part.


  1. We would have preferred individual sun canopies, instead of the single one that the BeBeLove jogger has.
  2. The fixed front wheel is great for jogging, but not great for turning corners, especially since this weighs in at nearly 60 lbs.
  3. Customer service from the manufacturer may not be up to the mark based on experiences from other parents.

Child Craft Foundations Sport Splash Trio Stroller

Weight: 54 lbs

Maximum seat capacity: 120 lbs with 40 lbs on each of the three seats

Child Craft is a company that specializes in multi-child strollers and the Sport Splash Trio is one of its most popular products in that category. The triple tandem stroller has a surprisingly compact fold for its category and can be fitted into the trunk of an SUV without much of an issue. The unique handlebar is designed in such a way that the Splash can be maneuvered with relative ease, considering the long structure of the stroller.


  1. All the three seats recline individually.
  2. The ergonomic handlebar really does help in maneuvering the huge stroller.
  3. The weight distribution is very good, and that makes the Splash one of the easiest triple tandem strollers to push and maneuver, even with all your three kids riding it.
  4. The canopy has UV protection and peek-a-boo windows.
  5. Foam wheels never go flat and they have a rubberised top for making rides comfortable for the children.
  6. The easy to access bins under the seat are big enough to provide storage for three kids.
  7. 5-point harness protection on all the three seats.
  8. The price tag is modest and affordable.


  1. Although the seats recline individually, the range of the reclines are very limited and not ideal for napping.
  2. No accessories included, but it isn’t much of an issue, considering the price point.

Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double Stroller (2016)

Weight: Varies depending on the arrangement (48.6 lbs shipping weight)

Maximum seat capacity: 40 lbs on each of the seats

This is the latest and greatest triple stroller in Valco Baby’s arsenal, released only in 2016 with improvements over the Twin Tri Mode double stroller. Just add the X Toddler Seat and you are ready to carry all three children along on a little family outing. Unfortunately, you will need to buy the X Toddler Seat separately. This is a potential triplet stroller that’s equipped to handle all kinds of rough terrain and comes with sun proof canopies and a rain cover to provide protection against the weather to your children.


  1. The 2016 version is smaller, lighter and adds a lot of improvements like adjustable footrests and a much better folding mechanism with automatic locking.
  2. One of the most compact triple strollers available, especially when folded.
  3. The all-terrain air-filled 10-inch tires provide a comfy ride across pavements, sidewalks, playgrounds and off-road trails without any issues.
  4. The canopies can be pulled down completely and is actually quite good for even the taller children due to the rounded design.
  5. Fully upright seat recline position for children who like to look at everything while in a stroller. The seats themselves are big and spacious.
  6. Pockets at the back of the canopy are nice little storage options for purses and phones.
  7. As the Duo X reclines back fully flat, it is fit for children right from the birth. Infant head inserts are also included in the package.
  8. Includes a very handy and capable rain cover that really is wind-resistant.


  1. The X Toddler Seat needs to be bought separately in order to turn this into a triple.
  2. No handbrakes for additional safety while going downhill.

Which Triple Stroller is Right for You?

As always, the choice is entirely yours and will finally come down to the needs of you and your family. However, if you are strictly looking for a triple jogging stroller, the BeBeLove jogger is definitely the one to go for, even though you may have to make a few compromises. The tri Mode Duo X on the other hand is the most compact all-terrain triple stroller (potentially) that we have ever come across. The Child Craft Sport Splash felt like a more all-round package, which was liked by most parents with three little ones. Lastly, Peg Perego is famous for making premium baby products and the Triplette SW is no exception. In addition in spite of being heavy and long, it provides a pretty spacious arrangement for a tandem triple.

Always choose whichever that feels the closest match to your specific needs and you won’t go wrong!

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