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Fly Babee Sleep and Sun Cover

If you don’t know already, I try to live a simplistic lifestyle whenever possible. For me, this means I do some thinking before making any purchase in order to make my purchases futureproof and versatile. So when I first heard about Fly Babee and the versatility it offers, I knew I had to check it out.

How Did Fly Babee Come About?

Sun Cover Fly Babee
Fly Babee is the world’s first sleep and sun cover for all strollers and airline bassinets. It is the brainchild of Emma Lovell, who decided to work on prototypes after facing the issues encountered by most parents when flying with a baby numerous times. More specifically, it was difficult for Emma’s baby to stick to her sleeping routine during the duration of the international flights. As every parent who have travelled with their babies know, the noise, distractions and overall unfamiliarity of the airplane environment can disrupt a baby’s ability to sleep soundly. And that’s the reason why Fly Babee was born; it is designed with the intention to help limit and block out all external stimuli in an airplane bassinet which in turn makes flying with babies less frustrating for parents (and everyone else in the same flight!).

Airline Bassinet

With the use of Fly Babee, babies are able to experience deeper, longer sleep cycles as external stimuli that would otherwise disrupt a baby are reduced or eliminated.

What Features Does Fly Babee Offer?

The Fly Babee is designed to universally fit all airline bassinets and strollers. As a sleep cover for airline bassinets, it is treated as a carry-on item and can be used at the discretion of inflight staff. While there are a number of older aircrafts that have bassinets that will not fit Fly Babee, most do.  And if you were to be in such a situation, the team at Fly Babee offers a full 100% refund – all you need to do is snap a photo and return the unit!

Fly Babee blocks up to 97% of light and is rated as UVP 50+, which is great not only for in-flight, but also for everyday use. With Fly Babee, parents are no longer needed to shop for a stroller that has an extendable sun canopy. Personally, I think having a sun protector for your stroller is a necessity, especially if you live in a hot and sunny area.

Newborn Baby with Fly Babee

Having a stroller sun cover can not only help your kid from “overheating” in the stroller, but at the same time, it can help prevent eczema in kids, which usually starts within the first 5 years of life. For those of you who are not familiar with eczema, it typically outbreaks when the skin is very dry. I grew up with eczema, and one of my kids has eczema, so trust me when I say that having a sun protector for your stroller is a must!


Fly Babee is made from a woven fabric with many holes and is 100% breathable, which is extremely important when it acts as a sun cover. Again, this ensures a comfortable ride for your little one in the stroller and more importantly, eliminates the risk of suffocation. Fly Babee has been tested in for both air-permeability and breathability. And in case you’re wondering, the product’s unique dome shape was designed such that it enhances cross-flow ventilation.

If you think all of these features are amazing, you’ll be more amazed when you find out how lightweight and small Fly Babee is. The product weighs just 1.3 pounds (600 grams) and it can easily be packed and unpacked from the included travel bag. To make things convenient, Fly Babee has clips to make the attachment of the product to bassinets and strollers an easy process.

What I Like About Fly Babee

I love the fact that Fly Babee serves two purposes: as a sleep cover and a sun cover. Its lightweight and well-thought out design make it one of the most innovative stroller accessories out in the market today. As a family who loves to travel, I know it can certainly help improve the sleep quality of a baby when used with the airline bassinet. After all, who hasn’t heard of a baby crying in an airplane before?

Traveling with Fly Babee

Yes, Fly Babee works on double strollers as well!

For me, I really like the Fly Babee’s function as a universal sun protector for strollers. This is perhaps due to the fact that one of my kids and I have been/are suffering from eczema, which as mentioned, is often caused by dry skin and heat. As a result of this, if you’ve noticed, one of the things I always look into when reviewing a stroller is its sun canopy. More specifically, I always ask myself:

How extendable is the sun canopy?

Does it provide sufficient sun protection for the little one in the stroller?

With Fly Babee, it not only blocks most of the light and heat from your little one in the stroller, but also provides a dark and comfortable sleeping environment. What’s also nice is that it allows for good air exchanges to take place for improved comfort.

Closing Words

One of the Most Innovative Stroller Accessories- Fly Babee

All in all, the Fly Babee product is a great one to have, especially if where you live gets a good amount of sunny days or if you consider yourself a frequent flyer. Its small footprint, design and features make it a “must-have” for newborn parents. Fly Babee is definitely one of the most innovative stroller accessories I’ve seen on the market.

For more information, or if you’d like to get Fly Babee, head on over to the Fly Babee website.

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