Maclaren Triumph vs Quest vs Volo

If you’re looking for a lightweight stroller that’s easy to travel with, you may be eyeing the Maclaren brand. Maclaren strollers are known for being compact and durable, making them popular among parents. But which Maclaren stroller is right for you?

Read more to learn about the Volo, Quest, and Triumph strollers.


The Maclaren Volo, Quest, and Triumph strollers have a few important features in common. These features are what make the Maclaren brand a favorite among parents.

Lightweight and Compact

First, they are all around the same weight. Their respective basic weights are:

All of these strollers fold up into a compact umbrella fold in one step. They also each come with a carrying strap, making them all easy to travel around with.

All three strollers hold up to 55 pounds.

Made for All Weather

All the Maclaren strollers are made for rain or shine. They each come with an extendable hood and sun visor which will keep your child well shaded. This canopy provides UPF 50+ protection for your little one.

Each Maclaren stroller also comes with a wind resistant rain cover, making traveling in the rain much easier. This feature is particularly nice, as most strollers do not come with one.

Storage Basket

All three strollers come with a roomy storage basket underneath the seat. They do not significantly vary in size from one stroller to another. Each stroller also comes with a pocket on the side for storing smaller items.

Self-Service Replaceable Parts

The Volo, Quest, and Triumph are all durable strollers with a four-wheel suspension. While they hold up well, accidents and wear and tear happen. Maclaren makes it easy to maintain their strollers by offering replaceable parts. You can purchase wheels, handle grips, seats, and hoods individually.

Many stroller brands do not offer such purchases, making the Maclaren brand stand out. Not having to replace your whole stroller just because of one part can help you save money.


While these three Maclaren strollers look similar and share many of the same features, there are some differences. They range in abilities and extra features. The Volo is the least sophisticated of the bunch, and the Quest is the most sophisticated.

The Volo

The Volo is created for children who are at least six months old. It has a breathable mesh seat, making it perfect for families who are traveling in warm weather. Its simple design does not feature any other noteworthy items outside of those listed above.

While prices vary depending on where you shop, you can find the Volo at significantly cheaper prices than the Quest and the Triumph (as of October 2017). If the Volo fits your needs, you can save yourself some money by making it your stroller.

The Triumph

The next step up is the Triumph. Along with the features listed above, the Triumph also has a reclining seat. The reclining seat allows your child to sit all the way back. This is perfect for children who like to take a nap in the stroller.

The Triumph has extra padded seats for longer journeys. It is created for children who are at least six months old.

The Quest

The Quest takes a large step up in sophistication from the Triumph. It features a multi-position reclining seat. Not only can the seat recline all the way back, but it can semi-recline into four different positions. In addition to this feature, you can recline the seat with one hand, which is perfect for busy parents on the go. The Quest also has an extendable footrest which can act as a small footstool for your child. This makes taking a nap even easier.

One of the Quest’s most prominent features is that it can seat any child, making it a suitable stroller for newborns. It is equipped with a newborn safety system to keep infants snug and safe for travel. If you are in the market for a stroller for babies of all ages, the Quest is what you’re looking for.


All of the Maclaren strollers offer a lightweight, durable mode of travel. If you need something more basic, especially for short trips, the Volo should be your pick. It is a money-saving, sturdy piece of equipment. If you need something simple but a bit more padded for longer trips, the Triumph should be your choice. If you plan to have your child taking a lot of naps in your stroller or have a newborn, you should upgrade to the Quest. The Quest is relatively expensive, but worth the money to keep a newborn safe. No matter which stroller you choose, your child will be comfortable and happy with a Maclaren.

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