What are the Narrowest Infant Car Seats?

Are you expecting your third baby? Do you have twins or triplets? Are you trying to save some room in your back seat while still giving your new baby enough space? You may be worried you’ll have to buy a new car to fit everyone or everything. Fortunately, there are narrow car seats available to save you from having to purchase a bigger vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about the narrowest infant car seats on the market.

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Characteristics of Narrow Infant Car Seats

An infant car seat is a rear-facing car seat that usually clicks into or connects to a car seat base. The base is installed in your back seat. The car seat can then be detached from the base and act as a carrier for your baby. Some infant car seats also have the option to be installed directly into your vehicle without the base. Infant car seat carriers are helpful for transporting a baby around because they also give you a place to seat your immobile child while you are out and about.

Most infant car seats are created for newborn babies through their first year of life. Some babies outgrow their carrier before their first birthday, while others can continue to sit comfortably in their carrier past the age of one. Infant car seats are created to give a baby a snug environment and usually come with head and neck support. Infant car seat carriers are not made for your baby to take naps in or sit in for a long time outside of your vehicle.

Some infant car seats are created wider than others. At Mommy Stroller, we consider the narrowest infant car seats to be less than 18 inches at their widest point. These car seats allow you to place three of them across your backseat. The narrowest infant car seats are slender at the base but wider above, giving it a compact fit in your car while still giving your baby plenty of space. These seats also tend to work well when placed directly next to a convertible, combination, or booster car seat without armrests.

What You Should Consider In a Infant Car Seat That is Narrow

When looking for an infant car seat, you may be concerned about safety. All car seats have to pass the same federal safety standards in order to be placed on the market. So, you can rest assured that all brands of car seats on the market are safe.

So, with safety covered, you should consider the following features when purchasing a narrow infant car seat.

Base Width

The key to finding the narrowest infant car seats is looking at how wide the base of the seat is. That will give you the information you need to know if it will be able to sit directly next to another car seat or not. You should try and find one that is no more than 18 inches wide.

Ease of Installation

While all car seats are safe, improperly installed car seats are not safe. So, it is important to find a car seat you feel comfortable installing. The easier the installation process is, the more peace of mind you will have.

Carrying it Around – Portability

Infant carriers are often the mode of transport for babies while they are little. So, finding a carrier that is lightweight and easy to carry is important. You don’t want to add extra weight in your arms with a really heavy car seat. You should also ensure the carrier is comfortable to grip.


Infant car seats come with a variety of features. Some have extra padding or pillows for smaller babies, giving them more support in the seat. Others have more built-in head support for babies who cannot hold their heads up yet. Some infant car seats come with breathable fabrics to keep your baby cool and comfortable. There are even some infant car seats that sound an alert so you remember to get your baby in and out of the vehicle. Thinking about what climate you’re driving in and what features are important to you will help you determine the best seat for your baby.

Top Car Seats That Are Narrow

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

The Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat is popular among parents because it is affordable and easy to install. It is also one of the narrowest infant car seats. You could fit three of these across almost any back seat. The Chicco Keyfit 30 also works well sitting next to almost any other car seat.

This infant car seat is designed to fit in a travel system and is compatible with Chicco strollers. This is convenient for parents who want to transfer their child from their vehicle straight into a stroller. The car seat comes with newborn head and body support, so even the smallest babies can enjoy riding in it. A five-point harness with one-pull tightener allows you to easily secure your baby.

You can feel confident in installing this car seat with its easy belt routing system. The car seat base can also be installed with the vehicle seat belts. The Keyfit ergonomic, two-position handle ensures you will be able to get the seat in and out of your vehicle smoothly, as well as carry it around. With its narrow frame, this comfortable seat is sure to please both parents and children alike.

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Combi Shuttle Infant Car Seat

The Combi Shuffle Infant car seat is also popular due to its size, comfort, and easy installation. This car seat is 16.75 inches wide at its widest point, making it one of the narrowest infant car seats on the market. Three Shuttles could fit across most back seats, and work well sitting next to other convertible or combination seats.

The Shuttle has a lot of safety features to protect your baby. The seat features an anti-rebound bar to minimize rotational forces in front or rear collisions. It also has an adjustable head restraint and deep side walls to keep crash forces away from your baby’s head, neck, and spine. This seat is also easy to install, with push-button latch connectors and a built-in lock-off system. You can feel confident you properly secured this seat in your vehicle.

The Shuttle comes with an ergonomically designed handle to make it easy to place the seat in your vehicle. The handle has a grip on it to help you manage carrying the seat. This seat is also compatible with most Combi strollers, allowing you to go from vehicle to stroller in one step. With all of its features and slender frame, the Shuttle is perfect for families who need more than one infant car seat.

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Evenflo ADVANCED SensorSafe Embrace DLX

The Evenflo ADVANCED Sensor Safe Embrace DLX car seat is created to keep your baby comfortable and safe. At 17.5 inches wide, it is narrower than most car seats on the market and is narrow enough to fit beside many other car seats. While it is not the narrowest car seat you can find, it has several desirable features.

The Embrace DLX is an affordable option for parents who enjoy having peace of mind. This infant car seat comes with a smart chest clip and a wireless receiver. These tools provide gentle tones to the driver to alert them if the baby is unbuckled while moving. They also remind the driver that there is a baby in the car seat when arriving at a destination, ensuring parents don’t unintentionally leave their baby in the car. This car seat comes with cushy padding and three separate comfort layers. Your baby will be snug and comfortable in this seat.

Not only does this seat help you keep your baby safe, but it is also easy to install. It uses a quick connection latch, allowing you to secure the seat in one second. The seat can also be used with or without a base, giving you multiple installation options. The base has multiple position options so you can find the right fit for your vehicle. There is an up-front adjuster so you can easily adjust the harness as you secure your baby in the seat. If you are looking for a narrow car seat that helps you keep your baby top of mind during your busy day, the Embrace DLX is a good fit for you.

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Finding the right narrow infant car seat will likely depend on what your needs are. If you have twins or triplets, you will need multiples of the same car seat. Therefore, you will need to find the narrowest options on the market to ensure you can fit all of the seats in your car at the same time. If you are looking to simply save room or slide a seat next to a convertible or combination car seat, you just need a slender seat. For these scenarios, you don’t need the narrowest option possible. Then, depending on your situation, you can choose your seat by looking at the comfort features for you and your baby. This will help ensure you have an enjoyable travel experience.

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