What You Need to Know About Strollers for Disney Parks

What You Need to Know About Strollers for Disney Parks

A family trip to Disneyland or Disney World is always fun for the kids and truth be told, even adults enjoy an occasional trip to these fantastic theme parks, filled with fairytale characters that are brought to life by Walt Disney. However, it does involve literally miles of walking that may tire out even adults, let alone kids. It is for this reason that it makes sense to opt for strollers because chances are that you will need them.

Recommended Strollers for Disney World and Disneyland
Name Image Weight (lbs) Weight Capacity (lbs) My Rating
Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller 17.6 50 5
UPPAbaby G-Luxe 15 55 4.9
UPPAbaby G-Lite 10.7 55 5
Mountain Buggy Nano 13 44 4.8
Britax B-Agile Double Stroller 28 50+50 4.7
Baby Jogger Mini Double 26.6 50+50 4.9
Maclaren Triumph Stroller 10.8 55 4.5
ZOE XL1 DELUXE Stroller 10 50 4.6
Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller 21 35+35 4.3

There are of course disadvantages to every option and this is no exception either. Some parents may opt not to bring a stroller as pushing one all day long is no easy task. Some would just take enough pit stops throughout the day to keep their kids energized. However in doing so, keep in mind that there’s a lot of area to cover and a limited time to do so in most cases. Additionally, a stroller will also help you carry jackets, water bottles and of course, anything that your family ends up buying at the theme park.

What Are Your Options?

If you decide that you need a stroller, then there are generally two options to choose from: rent vs buy or bring your own. These are discussed in detail below.

Bringing Your Own Stroller

The best part about bringing your own stroller along is that it doesn’t cost you extra money. Besides, you and your child are probably used to the feel of the stroller, so familiarity and comfort is always going to be a big bonus here. After all, the use of some strollers can require some time to get used to.

In spite of the apparent convenience, the constant folding, unfolding and carrying the stroller around the airport, cars, buses and hotels can be cumbersome for most parents. If your stroller just happens to be a large one (like a double jogging stroller), the available Disney stroller rental options might suddenly start to seem like a better choice.

Personally, I’ve brought my stroller into theme parks more often than I’ve rented strollers. I just find it much more convenient for me, especially if we are driving to our destination.

Why Not Rent One?

In Disney World, stroller rental options are plenty and some people do opt to rent rather than buy. You won’t have to worry about carrying it around everywhere you go or taking it back with you after the trip.

Depending on the choice you make, Disney World stroller rentals can become expensive, especially if your trip to the theme park is a long one. What I’d recommend doing is to pay upfront for the entire trip to save some money (there are often discounts) and also, hold on to the receipts they give you. Note that if you lose your stroller in here, a new one will be given to you as long as you can produce the receipt.

Which Stroller Rental Service Should You Go For?

If you do decide that you need a stroller (which we recommend) and that you are going to rent it, there is no shortage of options for you. The best stroller for Disney World can only be decided by you as it will vary from person to person, based on a number of factors like the number of kids you have, their respective ages and the maximum budget that you are prepared to spend on a stroller rental at Disney theme parks for the few days you’ll be there.

Nevertheless, here are the most popular and widely used Disney World and Disneyland stroller rentals out there that we think will cater to parents with all kinds of needs. Keep your requirements and priorities in mind while going through the services offered and the rental fees.

Disney World Stroller Rentals

Disney World Stroller Renting Service

This is the original stroller rental at Disney World that is offered in-house. Their strollers are made up of plastic and even though these are quite well-built, your kids will probably not be very comfortable on the hard surface. On the positive side, their strong build allows them to hold even older children. The double strollers on offer here can handle as much weight as 100lbs and an older kid can use that to his/her advantage by sitting comfortably in it if required.

Unfortunately, there is no storage basket and once you are outside, your family and you are on your own again. If you have an infant, don’t even consider these as they are just not built to carry small children. Add the rent you are paying for these to the list and we can only recommend the strollers to families that have a slightly older child and merely plan to use them inside the park for short durations.

If you pay in advance, you will need to pay at a rate of $13 per day for a single stroller and $27 per day for a double stroller. You will lose some money if you pay on a daily basis at $15 per day for a single stroller and $31 per day for a double stroller. We recommend the former.

Magic Strollers 

One of the more economical options on this list, Magic Strollers offers more for less. They will deliver the stroller right to your hotel room, as long as you are staying in Orlando for the trip. In fact, they even deliver their strollers to on-site Disney World resorts. You will love the fact that they include rain covers and parent consoles as part of the package at no extra charge.

You will have to pay $25 up front on the first day for a single stroller, but from the next day onwards, the rent is only $6.50 per day. Similarly, a double stroller will cost you $40 on the first day and $7.50 per day, from there onwards. You can get insurance if you want, for an additional $25 per stroller.

Apple Stroller

In case you are looking for the cheapest stroller rental at Disney World, look no further than what’s offered by Apple Stroller. It is the most wallet-friendly stroller rental service at Disney in my opinion. The best part is that they deliver to all Disney resorts just like the premium options as well as nearby hotels. Even if you are not there when your stroller arrives, your hotel service can accept it on your behalf. Surprisingly, the strollers that they rent out are pretty good (Baby Jogger City Mini), considering the price point.

You can rent a single stroller for $5 per day and a double stroller for $7 per day, but they will charge an extra $10 for the delivery and pickup. The cost effective nature makes this one of our top recommendations as one of the best stroller rentals for Disney World.

A Baby’s Best Friend

This is the place that we would recommend if you have newborn children in your family. Apart from the usual stroller renting services, they also offer anything and everything that your baby might need; which includes humidifiers, pool toys, infant toys, coolers, toddler beds, white noise fans, bassinets, bed rails, cribs, mattresses and a host of other things. In fact, they even have sit and stand strollers for families with an infant and a slightly older child. Unfortunately, if you are staying in one of the Disney resorts you will have to be there while they make the delivery because the resorts won’t accept the delivery from them otherwise.

Disneyland Stroller Rentals

City Stroller Rentals 

This off site rental option is quite popular and they also rent out other useful things like car seats and bath tubs for your baby. They offer a few options for both single and double strollers as well. The City Mini is once again a popular choice here, but you can also consider the Summit X3, if you are looking for a single stroller.

In the doubles department, you have to select between the City Mini Double, the City GT Double and the Summit X3 Double.

Example of prices include renting a Baby Jogger City Mini single stroller for $35 for 1-3 nights and renting a Baby Jogger City Mini double stroller for $45 for 1-3 nights.

Stroller Rental at Disneyland 

This is the default option for people visiting Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. This is an in-house guest service offered by the Disneyland resort. You will hardly get an option to choose from here and they don’t have double strollers. Also, you cannot enter the Downtown Disney District with these. Although far from being the best stroller rental at Disneyland, they are not expensive and may get the job done for smaller children (not infants).

Stroller rentals cost $15 per day for one stroller and $25 per day for two strollers.

Note: All stroller renting prices are accurate at the time of writing (May 2016) and are subject to change. Please check the prices at the respective stroller rental stores’ websites to get the most accurate pricing.

Buying a New Stroller

Some families do opt for this because buying a cheap stroller may just save you from all the hassle associated with bringing one from home. At times, they might also turn out to be a cheaper option when compared to renting a stroller. If you want to buy one, some of the gift shops sell them at a fairly cheap price. However, if you are looking to buy the best stroller for Disney World or Disneyland, be sure to check out these strollers from our selected list of best “Disney” strollers.

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

There is a reason why Magic Strollers and a host of other rental companies near the Disney theme parks use this one as their prime unit. The City Mini is easy to fold, thanks to the company’s own “Quick Fold Technology” and it weighs just 17.6lbs. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight design though, because it can carry up to 50lbs with ease. The wheels at the front swivel to give you good, tight control while moving it around in crowded areas. To top it all off, it even has a large basket that all parents will appreciate very much.

The basic package doesn’t include a cup holder unfortunately and you may have to buy it as a separate add on. Considering the fact that this isn’t cheap, we would have preferred it if they included the parent console.

Click here to find out the latest pricing on the City Mini stroller.

UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

When it comes to going to Disneyland or Disney World, ease of folding your stroller is a big thing since you’ll need to fold and unfold your stroller every time you get on and off the Disney bus. One such stroller is the UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller which is not only super easy to fold (like the Baby Jogger Mini), but also stands on its own once folded. I particularly like how UPPAbaby included a convenient carry strap for this stroller to make it more portable, which again, is a big thing in Disney Parks. As I’ve mentioned in my review and several other posts, the UPPAbaby G-Luxe is an outstanding lightweight umbrella stroller that offers great comfort (lots of seat padding), as well as some other great features such as the one-handed recline, adjustable footrest, excellent canopy coverage, and easy to remove seat pad.

Click here to find out the latest pricing on the G-Luxe stroller.

UPPAbaby G-Lite

The G-Lite is often considered to be the “little brother” of the G-Luxe. Despite some differences, I highly recommend the UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller given that it offers some features well suited for use in Disney Parks. First off, it weighs just 11 lbs (4 lbs lighter than the G-Luxe), is super compact and lightweight. The main and only noticeable difference between G-Lite and the G-Luxe is that the G-Lite doesn’t have a reclining seat and an adjustable footrest. Who needs to take a nap in Disneyland or Disney World? Besides its lightweight and compactness, I really like the fact that the seat is made of breathable mesh material which promotes air circulation for your little one. I find that this can be a lifesaver especially if you’ll be visiting either Disneyland (CA) or Disney World (FL) during the summer…because it does get HOT!

Click here to find out the latest pricing on the G-Lite stroller.

Mountain Buggy Nano

The Mountain Buggy Nano is a great choice if you plan on using it for taking trips – not just to Disney Parks, but rather any kind of traveling. This stroller has won numerous awards for its innovative design. Personally, I like that it is not only lightweight, but also newborn-ready – it has a flat recline and is also compatible with car seats. For the Disney Parks, you’ll absolutely love the easy two-step fold and unfold mechanisms. I also like that the rear wheels have built-in suspension to reduce the vibrations felt in the stroller when you go over uneven surfaces. All in all, the Mountain Buggy Nano is a great lightweight stroller that will meet most, if not all of your travel needs.

Click here to find out the latest pricing on the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller.

Maclaren Triumph

Another great option is the Maclaren Triumph which weighs in at only 10.8lbs. It is capable of carrying more weight (up to 55lbs) than the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. It includes a rain cover, has a large canopy with sun protection, can be folded with a single hand and even has a large basket at the bottom.

What we didn’t quite like was the lack of a lever to adjust the recline positions. They have a strap that you can loosen or tighten to change the positions but we did not find the system to be very useful. Nonetheless, it is one of the best value-for-money products out there.

Click here to find out the latest pricing on the Maclaren Triumph stroller.

ZOE XL1 DELUXE Xtra Lightweight Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System 

The ZOE XL1 is so light that you will have a hard time believing that fact when you handle it for the first time. The featherweight umbrella stroller weighs in at just 10lbs and we don’t think there’s anything lighter than that available right now. You will find this one easy to fold during your flight and of course, during your time in Disney World or Disneyland.

Although the Zoe XL1 is extremely compact, the large canopy still has a magnetic peekaboo window and provides a good amount of sun protection. There are also multiple goodies included as part of the package, like two cup holders, a cushioned belly bar, one snack cup and even a huge storage basket. In spite of weighing just around 10lbs, it is certified to hold 50lbs of weight. Add the 135-degree recliner seat to the list and we are arguably dealing with the best stroller for Disney World and Disneyland.

The only complain about the XL1 could be that the foot brakes are prone to accidental activation at times. Just in case you end up with damaged wheels because of that or due to long strolling sessions through Disney World or Disneyland, rest assured that you are covered through a lifetime guarantee on the wheels.

Click here to find out the latest pricing on the ZOE XL1 DELUXE stroller.

Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller

If you are planning to buy something just for the trip instead of carrying a big and expensive double stroller from your home, the Kolcraft Cloud will do the job nicely. It weighs just 23.8lbs, which is very light for a double stroller. The double umbrella stroller has reclining seats, roll up seat pads and a parent cup holder. The canopies extend both at the front and the back to cover your children completely for protection against the weather. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that come with the expensive models, but if you are looking to buy a light double stroller just for the trip to the theme parks, it might be a good choice.

Click here to find out the latest pricing on the Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella stroller.

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

The B-Agile is more suited as a full time double stroller if you have twins or children that are close in age to each other. We are not sure if it is the best double stroller for Disney trips in particular, but it certainly is one of the best double strollers in the market, considering the budget. The well loved Britax 2015 handles smoothly even with two 50 pound kids inside, just like the “Agile” moniker suggests. The aluminium frame isn’t too heavy either as the entire thing weighs about 28 pounds. Note however that there isn’t any guarantee that it will accept infant car seats from manufacturer other than in-house Britax products.

The width of the B-Agile double stroller is about 30.5-inches and that makes it perfect to stroll right through the hotel doorways and narrow lanes. You can fold it fast too with a little practice with their “Quick Fold Design.” The handles can be adjusted according to your height as well. There’s plenty of storage space on the B-Agile as it includes two pockets at the back of the seats, in addition to a large basket underneath. It isn’t cheap, but if you had been thinking about getting a double stroller not just for the trip but to use for a while, we recommend you consider the Britax 2015 B-Agile.

Click here to find out the latest pricing on the Britax B-Agile double stroller.

Baby Jogger Mini Double

The Baby Jogger Mini double stroller is essentially the same stroller as the previously mentioned Baby Jogger Mini stroller, with the main difference being it has a weight capacity of 100 lbs (combined). Again, the stand out feature for me in this stroller is that it is super easy to fold, as a result of Baby Jogger’s “Quick Fold Technology.”

Click here to find out the latest pricing on the Baby Jogger Mini double stroller.

Final advice

Whether you decide to rent or buy a stroller during your trip to Disney Land, make sure that you familiarize yourself well with the model. The long walks will become much more enjoyable if you know how to handle your stroller well. Learn how to apply the brakes and get a feel of how your particular unit maneuvers.

We also recommend writing your name or some other identifiable word on a piece of paper and sticking it on your stroller. Alternately, you can also mark it with ribbons, duct tape or even key chains for easier identification. It can get confusing at times with multiple strollers all around you. It is advised not to leave your purse, phone or any other valuable item in the stroller when no one you know is attending to it.

Now that you have information regarding everything you need to know about Disney strollers, we are confident that you will be able to find YOUR best stroller for Disney World and Disneyland with relative ease. Have fun!

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