Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite Umbrella Stroller Review

Product Name:Baby Jogger Vue Lite Umbrella Stroller Review
Brand:Baby Jogger
Stroller Weight:14.5
Weight Capacity:55
Stroller Type:Umbrella & Lightweight
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If you’re looking for an umbrella stroller that has a reversible seat, the Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite umbrella stroller could be your ideal stroller. Weighing just 14.5 pounds, this Baby Jogger stroller is unique in that it has a reversible seat. I really like the design of this stroller and its functionality in general. This stroller which has a maximum weight capacity of 55 pounds has a large canopy which offers 50+ UV sun protection and is reversible as well. When folded, this stroller measures just 15.43” x 12.25” x 39.75”, making it extremely portable and compact. While testing this stroller out, I found that this stroller was not only sturdy, but also extremely easy to maneuver. This stroller is certainly not entirely perfect though; let’s look at the features, pros and cons for this stroller in great detail.

Features and Pros

Large Canopy Coverage. This stroller’s canopy coverage is excellent and will provide your child with maximum sun protection. The stroller’s canopy is also reversible, providing sun protection even when you reverse the seat’s position to face you. At the most upright seat position, the stroller’s canopy can entirely cover your child’s vision, which can be useful in providing sun protection on an extremely sunny day. The canopy is rated at UV 50+.

Reversible Seat That Can Be Reclined. The Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite has a one-hand recline lever and the seat lies almost flat. The stand out feature for this stroller is without a doubt its reversible seat. To reverse the seat, all you have to do is squeeze the lever and push the seat forward! Reversing the seat on this stroller is also super convenient as you do not need to detach the seat from the stroller.

5 Point Harness. The comfortable padded 5 point harness comes with a center release buckle that keeps your child in place and secured.

Conveniently Folds. The Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite umbrella stroller folds easily and locks in place automatically. Note however that the stroller does not fold completely if you leave the car seat adapters at the frame of the stroller.

Travel System Ready. The Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite umbrella stroller is travel system ready and can only be used with the City Go infant car seat. The City Go infant car seat is a fairly new infant car seat by Baby Jogger and weighs 8 pounds. In order to use the City Go infant car seat with this stroller, you’ll first have to attach a set of car seat adapters to the frame before attaching the car seat to the stroller.

Dual Leg Rests. For maximum comfort, Baby Jogger incorporated two leg rests in this stroller; one in the forward facing configuration and the other in the backward facing configuration. The leg rest is adjustable in the backward facing configuration.

Carry Handle. At just over 14 pounds in terms of weight, the carry handle makes carrying this umbrella stroller super easy.

Tall Handle Bars. The handle bars for this stroller are quite tall – measuring 42 inches from the ground. A tall handle bar makes this stroller suitable for tall parents, preventing them from needing to hunch in order to push this stroller.

Parking Brake. Like all umbrella strollers around, this Baby Jogger umbrella stroller comes with a parking brake that will lock both rear wheels and prevents the stroller from moving.

Small Storage Basket. The storage basket that comes with this Baby Jogger stroller is fairly small and hard to access. When the seat is reclined, I find that I can only access the storage basket from the sides.


The Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite umbrella stroller does come with a few very unique features such as the reversible seat and canopy. However, I found a few things which I didn’t quite fancy about this stroller.

Lack of Storage Space. I found that the storage basket for this stroller is not only small, but hard to access whenever the seat is reclined. The stroller does have an optional add-on for cup holders at an additional price.

Can’t Be Folded With the Car Seat Adapter. It is certainly a good thing that this stroller is travel system ready. However, whenever you need to fold this stroller, you’ll also need to remove the car seat adapters or else the stroller won’t completely fold.

No Peekaboo Window. This stroller’s canopy does not have a peekaboo window. Sure it has a seat which is reversible if I do want to check on my child, but a peekaboo window is definitely a nice feature to have when the stroller is in the forward facing configuration.

Other Noteworthy Points

The Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite umbrella stroller comes in four different color options. All of these four options are shown in the picture below.


The Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite umbrella stroller is not the cheapest nor the most expensive umbrella stroller around. It has a mid-range price point. Like most umbrella strollers out there, this stroller is not only lightweight, but also folds easily and can be used for travelling. What really caught my eye was that this stroller’s seat and canopy can be reversed to face you! Reversing the seat on this stroller is extremely easy as it doesn’t even require you to detach the seat from the stroller. Another feature I really liked was the inclusion of two leg rests for both forward and back facing seat configurations. Some of the cons for this stroller come in the form of its small storage space as well as its absence of a peekaboo window. Overall, despite its cons, I think the Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite umbrella stroller is an excellent umbrella stroller given all the features it offers at its affordable price tag.

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