Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller Review

Product Name:Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller
Brand:Baby Jogger
Stroller Weight:37
Weight Capacity:100
Stroller Type:Double & Double Jogging
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The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller is one of the best double jogging strollers around in 2016. It practically has everything any active parent would want in a double jogging stroller – easy to fold, great suspension system, full coverage canopies and even an remote lock for the front swivel wheel! This double jogging stroller weighs 37 pounds and supports a combined weight of 100 pounds, or 50 pounds per seat. One thing that I recognized as soon as I tested out the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller was that it is extremely spacious and comfortable!

Does this sound like a double jogging stroller you’re interested in? Read on the find out more about this excellent Baby Jogger stroller!

Features and Pros

Excellent Canopy Coverage. The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller comes with an excellent canopy coverage for each seat. The canopies each have a 3 panel extension and really does keep your kids protected from harsh sunlight on a hot summer day. The canopy is rated for UV 50+ sun rays. Each canopy is also equipped with two peekaboo windows so you can easily check on your kids.

Deep Seat Recline. I was really impressed when I was testing out the seat recline for this Baby Jogger stroller. The seats for this stroller almost lies completely flat when fully reclined! This feature alone has definitely made this stroller a sleeping paradise for my kids!

Meshed Back Seats. Baby Jogger made sure that the kids are getting sufficient amount of air circulation by incorporating a meshed fabric as the material for the back of the seats. This allows for air to circulate in the stroller if it gets too hot. This meshed back seat also has a solid cover which you can use if you do not want any air circulating into the stroller (i.e. during cold, windy days).

Extra Comfortable Seats. The amount of space this stroller provides to its riders is phenomenal. It has a seat back height of 18.7 inches and a shoulder width of 12 inches. With those sorts of measurements, even an 8 year old will be able to fit in this stroller!

5-Point Harness. Like most jogging strollers, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller is equipped with a padded 5-point harness. What’s nice is that this harness is hard to unbuckle for a kid; meaning you’re kids always safe and secure in the stroller seat!

One Hand Fold. The folding mechanism for this stroller is top class. In fact, Baby Jogger has patented this quick fold technology which folds the stroller in one step. This is by definitely the easiest and most convenient folding stroller mechanisms out of all the strollers I’ve seen.

Remote Lock for Front Swivel. One of the most unique features for the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller is its inclusion of a remote lock for the front swivel wheel. Unlike other jogging strollers which require you to go to the front of the stroller to lock/unlock the wheel, all you need to do with this Baby Jogger stroller is to use the remote lock located near the back of the seat. Super convenient!

Wrist Strap Connected to the Bottom of Frame. The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller also showcases a wrist strap as an safety feature to ensure the stroller is always within reach. The wrist strap is also connected to the bottom frame of the stroller to ensure that the stroller does not tipover if you ever fall down while jogging.

Easy to Use Parking Brake. This stroller features a one-step parking brake that is easily accessible.

All Wheel Suspension System. The suspension system for this double jogging stroller is excellent. It absorbs all the shocks felt as a result of uneven surfaces or bumps. The amount of bumpiness felt in the stroller is minimal thanks to the suspension system.

Rubber Coated Handlebar. The handlebar for this double jogging stroller is coated with a rubber material which not only provides a good grip, but also ensures durability. The handlebar measures 40 inches from the ground and will accommodate most heights. If you’re short (below 5 feet) or tall (above 6 feet 6 inches), you might want to test this out first.

Hand Brake. To help provide active parents with better control on hilly or uneven terrain, Baby Jogger has included a hand brake to allow parents to slow down the stroller when needed.

Great Storage Capacity. This stroller comes with a good sized storage basket and a mesh pocket behind each seat. The storage capacity this stroller offers was sufficient for me to store the essential items – diaper bag, water bottles,  snacks, toys, cellphone, car keys and even a change of clothes.


After my time with the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller, I realize that there wasn’t really anything I would have liked to see included in this stroller. Perhaps the only “con” that I see with this stroller is its price, which is expected for a top notch, premium quality stroller that’ll last you for years!

Other Noteworthy Points

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller comes in two different colors: Green and Gray or Black and Gray. Both of these options are shown below.

You can get this flawless, feature packed double jogging stroller by Baby Jogger which is ideal not only for everyday use, but also for jogging now!


This Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller is perhaps the best double jogging stroller around aside from the other BOB strollers I’ve featured on this site. It has all the essential and “nice to have” features any parent would want in a jogging stroller. There are certainly a few features that really stand out for me – the first being its patented quick fold technology. All I can say is that folding this double jogging stroller is really a breeze! The second feature I really like about this stroller is its extra comfortable seats which are not only extremely spacious, but these seats also have a deep recline. The last feature that really caught my attention has got to be the remote locking feature. This feature makes it super convenient to switch between the “jogging” mode and the “everyday use” mode. All in all, I can’t recommend the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller highly enough. It is not only super versatile, but also super easy to use and has proven to be extremely comfortable for my kids to ride in. If I could, I would give it a six on a fix point scale…that’s just how good it is!


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