BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller Review

Product Name:BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller
Stroller Weight:33.1
Weight Capacity:100
Stroller Type:Double & Double Jogging
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The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller is a side-by-side double jogging stroller that makes family outings much more fun and convenient. This double jogging stroller is not only foldable, but will allow you to bring your kids almost anywhere with this stroller. The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie stroller is certainly one of my top picks for a double stroller/double jogging stroller. If you’re wondering if this stroller is only suitable for parents with active lifestyles, the answer is no! While this stroller is a jogging stroller, you can certainly still use it for everyday use. Let’s figure out what are some of the reasons you might do so!

Features and Pros

Geared to Take You On Any Almost Any Terrain. This stroller is indeed a double stroller designed to take you anywhere you wish to go. From even surfaces, to bumpy surfaces, you name it, BOB Revolution will get your family there.

Ultra Sturdy Design. This stroller’s frame is constructed with high strength aluminum. The utilization of aluminum ensure that the stroller is a combination of both lightness and sturdiness.

Wide Canopy Coverage. The adjustable canopy on this stroller has 5 different positions which will provide rider(s) a good amount of sun protection. What’s nice is that each seat has its own set of canopy coverage. Each canopy also features a peekaboo window.

Premium Quality Ultra Padded Seat and Adjustable Seat Recline. The seat for this stroller is made of Poly and Dobby weave fabrics with a water repellent coating and open cell foam padding. To ensure maximum comfort for both your little riders, BOB has incorporated a heavily padded seat which can be reclined from vertical to 70 degrees.

5-Point Harness System. For safety, this stroller showcases a 5-point harness which is padded to ensure maximum comfort.

Easy Two Step Folding Mechanism. I was really impressed by the folding mechanism and footprint this stroller has once it is folded. The folding mechanism is pretty easy with some practice as it only involves two steps.

Travel System Compatible. This BOB double stroller supports 8 week newborns to a total maximum weight of 100 pounds. In fact, you can utilize this stroller for your newborn from birth with the use of an Infant Car Seat Adapter and a compatible Infant Car Seat. How convenient is that? Very convenient in my opinion.

Adjustable Suspension System. This BOB stroller incorporates an innovative and adjustable suspension system to absorb the shock experienced by the riders in the stroller. Not only that, BOB has gone one step further to allow parents to fine-tune the amount of suspension needed based on the amount of load being carried on the stroller. BOB recommends position 1 for loads of between 0 to 50 pounds and position 2 for loads of between 51 and 100 pounds.

Premium Quality Wheels. The wheels for this stroller is composed of high-impact polymer composite which is extremely durable. Unlike standard strollers, this stroller makes use of pneumatic tires. The rear wheels do have a step brake which allows you to completely stop and park the stroller. The front wheels on the other hand swivel and can be locked in the straight position which provides maneuverability and stability respectively.

Polyester Wrist Strap. Jogging with a stroller can be dangerous especially if you fall or momentarily lose your grip of the stroller. As such, a common safety feature is having a wrist strap as another way to attach yourself to the stroller. The well thought out placement of the wrist strap ensures that the stroller does not overturn/flip if you ever fell down during your jog.

Padded Handle Bar That’s Adjustable. One of the key features of the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie stroller is that its handle bar can be adjusted to 9 different positions. This not only accommodates parents with different heights, but also accommodates the different jogging styles. The short video below by BOB demonstrates this pretty well.


Good Amount of Storage. This stroller has a good amount of storage space. More specifically, it includes 4 interior mesh seat pockets, 2 large pockets on the seatbacks and a large storage basket underneath the seat. The storage basket underneath the seats is so large that it allows you to put literally every essential item in it.

Other Noteworthy Points

The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie stroller comes in 3 different color options:

This feature packed double stroller is suitable for everyday use and for the active lifestyle.


There is no doubt that the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie stroller is one of the best double strollers out there today. I really like this stroller given that BOB has done an excellent job in its design, incorporating some really great features that are not only nice to have, but are also adjustable. An example of this would be the ability for parents to adjust the amount of suspension support provided. There’s a ton of features that I really like in this BOB double stroller. However, if I have to pick two features that stand out for me, they are the adjustable handlebar and the small footprint of this stroller when folded. All in all, if you have two newborns or a newborn and a kid that needs a stroller, I highly recommend getting the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie stroller even if you don’t engage in an active lifestyle. I know I certainly worry a whole lot less when my kids are riding on this sturdy and ultra-comfortable stroller. Another 5/5 BOB double stroller in my books!

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