Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

Product Name:Britax B-Agile Double Stroller
Stroller Weight:26
Weight Capacity:100: 50+50
Stroller Type:Double
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The Britax B-Agile double stroller is an exceptional double stroller that is not only versatile, but also comes with many amazing features. This is a side-by-side stroller so which measures only 30 inches in width, and as such, will have no trouble going through standard doors which are 36 inches wide. Let’s get straight into the many key features of this Britax double stroller.

Features and Pros

Lightweight Aluminum Frame. This stroller’s frame is made of aluminum and weighs about 26 pounds. Each seat has a 50 pound capacity, for a total stroller capacity of 100 pounds.

Large Canopies with Ventilation Windows. Unlike some double strollers which only have one canopy, this double stroller has two large canopies, each with ventilation windows/peekaboo windows. I found the coverage of these canopies to be excellent.

Quick Set Up. Setting up of this stroller is so easy that it took me only 10 minutes. No tools are required as everything just snaps into place. I didn’t have to refer to the instruction manual provided – it was that easy!

Multi Position Seat Recline. This stroller has a multi position seat recline. The seat for this stroller reclines to nearly flat which is awesome for newborns.

5 Point Harness. This double stroller comes equipped with a quick-adjust padded harness with reflective material on strap. There is also a head pad which is adjustable.

Quick Fold Design. I found that folding this stroller was easy and quick. All you have to do is click on the safety button on the side of the stroller and use both hands to pull the strap located at each seat. Once folded, it auto-locks itself and is self-standing.

Seat Back Pockets. In addition to the storage basket under the stroller’s seats, the stroller also has two pockets with zippers, one behind each seat.

Adjustable Handle Bars. The Britax B-Agile double stroller’s handlebar is adjustable, which means it will accommodate almost any height. If you’re a tall parent, you no longer have to worry about hunching forward in order to push this stroller.

All Wheel Suspension. All the six wheels for this double stroller are equipped with an all-wheel suspension for a smooth riding experience.

Two Wheels on Each Front Side. The Britax B-Agile double stroller comes with a total of four wheels on the front (two on each side). Because of this, I find that this double stroller had very good stability and control. The front wheels can also be locked in the case that you need to go over uneven terrain.

Linked Parking Brake. The two large rear wheels for this stroller are controlled by a single brake. Stepping on the brake on the rear right wheel of the stroller locks both rear wheels.

Car Seat Compatible. This stroller comes with car seat adapters that you can easily snap onto the frame of the stroller. The stroller is compatible with Britax car seats.

Easy Access Storage. For a double stroller, the size of the storage basket of the Britax B-Agile double stroller is not the largest, but is large enough. What really stands out for me in terms of this stroller’s storage area is that it is very easily accessible. In fact, it is accessible from all sides of the stroller – front, sides and back. What’s sleek is that there is a zipper by each footrest which allows you to access the storage basket from the front of the stroller. How convenient!


I had a very positive experience using the Britax B-Agile double stroller. One thing I didn’t particularly like about this stroller though is that it does not include any tray or cup holders. At this price point, I would expect to see these accessories included with the purchase of the stroller.

Other Noteworthy Points

The Britax B-Agile double stroller comes in 2 different color options. These options are shown below.


If you have two kids and are looking for a stroller for everyday use, the Britax B-Agile double stroller is an excellent choice to consider. A few features certainly caught my eye with this double stroller. The first feature I really liked was its super easy to access storage basket. The storage basket can even be accessed from the front of the stroller! I also really liked the maneuverability of this stroller – it is so easy pushing the stroller around. Aside from that, folding this stroller is a pretty easy two-step process. This double stroller is ideal for families with 1-2 kids who enjoy walking and exploring in an urban setting or stay on firm ground. I highly recommend this the Britax B-Agile double stroller!

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