Inglesina Net Stroller Review

Product Name:Inglesina Net Stroller
Stroller Weight:11.2
Weight Capacity:55
Stroller Type:Lightweight
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In the past 2 months or so, I’ve been getting so many requests to review and try out the Inglesina Net stroller, a lightweight stroller, weighing just over 11 pounds. So this past 2 weeks or so, I finally found the time to check this stroller out and write my own review on it! I know a lot of you like this stroller for its mesh seat base and removable seat cover, so I’ll go over this in detail. Let’s jump right in!

Features and Pros

Ultralight Weight Stroller. The Inglesina Net stroller is an ultralight weight stroller that has an aluminum frame. This stroller weighs in at 11.2 pounds and is ideal for travel! The stroller has a weight capacity of 55 pounds, which is excellent for its weight. A good chunk of lightweight strollers have a weight capacities of 50 pounds or less, so the Inglesina Net stroller does well in this respect. Having a 55 pound limit means it’ll support your child for a longer period of time.

Large Canopy. The canopy on this stroller is pretty large and is UPF 50+ rated. Like the seat pad, the canopy is also removable and washable.

5 Point Harness. The stroller comes with a 5 point harness system that is adjustable. I found that the harness system was easy to use.

Padded Seating. Now this is probably the biggest feature of the Inglesina Net stroller. Not only is the seating padded, but it is also removable and machine-washable. As such, dealing with spills and stains is no longer an issue with this stroller.

Meshed Seating. In addition to being padded, the “base” of the stroller’s seat is made of meshed material, which is awesome since it provides better air circulation to keep your little one cool. What this means is that if you’re strolling around in a hot and sunny environment, you can just take off the removable seat pad!

Two Position Seat Recline. Using a set of 2 zippers, you are able to recline the seat on this lightweight stroller. It is not a full recline, but from my experience, having a seat that can be reclined is extremely important for my kids to be able to take a nap in the stroller.

Easy Folding Mechanism. The stroller folds easily using a one foot, one hand mechanism. Once folded, the stroller auto-locks in the folded position and is self-standing. This means you don’t have to lay it down on the floor, avoiding it getting dirty.

Tall Handle Bars. The handle bars measure 43 inches from the ground and is well-suited if you’re a tall parent!

Shoulder Strap. If you’ve read some other reviews on my site such as this and this, you’ll know that I really like strollers that come with shoulder straps. Shoulder straps really do make going around with your child a breeze!

Removable Cup Holder Included. That’s right, this stroller comes with a removable cup holder that slides onto frame of the stroller. This isn’t an add-on you have to pay for.

5.5 Inch Wheels. The Inglesina Net stroller comes with 5.5 inch wheels, making it super easy to push. The front wheels do swivel, but can be locked in case you are going over uneven terrain like grass. The back wheels each have individual brakes to keep the stroller stationary.

Storage Basket. For a lightweight stroller, the storage basket for the Inglesina Net stroller is fairly large. It extends all the way to the bottom of the seat and is easily accessible.


During my two week period with this stroller, I didn’t find any “cons” for this stroller. The only thing you might have to watch out for is the handle bar height if your height is less than 5 feet.

What Are Other Parents Saying About This Stroller?

The video below goes over this stroller in detail.


Other Noteworthy Points

The Inglesina Net stroller comes in a few different color options. These options are shown below.


Prior to the Inglesina Net stroller, I’ve never tried out any other Inglesina strollers; so I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised how I’ve missed out on such an amazing stroller! I absolutely love the thought Inglesina put into the design of this stroller, in particular, the design of the removable seat pad and utilizing the seat mesh as the base. I also like the shoulder strap and its easily accessible storage basket. If you’re looking for a modern and vibrant looking lightweight stroller, the Inglesina Net stroller is definitely an option you should consider. I think it is definitely one of the top lightweight strollers I’ve ever used…which means a lot given I’ve previously already tested out a bunch of other strollers!

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  • Danielle Boruta says:

    How d you have think the inglesnia net compares to the uppababy g-Luxe? I have a 6 month old and currently only have the BOB, which I love, but need a smaller lighter option. Money is not really an issue but the price of the inglesnia is definitely a good deal! The only difference I noticed was th recline. This is my first baby and not really sure how important that is! Thanks!

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