Inglesina Quad Stroller Review

Product Name:Inglesina Quad Stroller
Stroller Weight:26.4
Weight Capacity:55
Stroller Type:All-terrain
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As a parent, the comfort of my baby is always the priority when it comes to buying a stroller. Of course, it can only help if that comfort is also accompanied by features like easy folding, sufficient storage and an adjustable handle bar. The Inglesina Quad Stroller claims to offer all that and more. Let us find out if it lives up to that reputation and if the Quad is actually worthy of being called the “premium SUV of strollers,” as the Italian company states.

Features & Pro

Perfect for tall parents – Being reasonably tall myself, I love the adjustable handle bar that can also be pushed with just one hand. The bar feels soft and grips quite well too.

Good weight capacity – The seat is made to accommodate babies and older children alike with a maximum capacity of 55 lbs.

Feels light – Considering that this is an all-terrain stroller with four big EVA wheels, the Inglesina Quad is relatively light at just 26.4 lbs. It doesn’t feel heavy at all while strolling with my 4 month-old daughter inside.

Reversible seats – The seat can be adjusted to either have your child sit facing you or the road ahead. I like the option as my daughter will never feel lonely while on the road. And after just a swift change of the arrangement, she can also look at everything in front and around her if she feels bored.

Shock absorbing large wheels – You will know that the Quad is an all-terrain stroller by just looking at the four EVA wheels with powerful shock absorbers that will guard your baby against pot holes and uneven terrain with equal efficiency.

Easy two part fold – Although I needed to remove the seat before I could fold the stroller, it wasn’t a problem and the process did not take much time at all.

Adjustable footrest – My daughter takes after me and therefore, is quite tall for her age. This is why I really like the extendable footrest which provides ample leg space. Combined with the fully flat recline, the Quad may also act as a small “bed” at times.

Adjustable canopy – You can stretch the canopy to cover your child fully during rain if you need to, or you can just pull it back all the way on a pleasant day.

Comfortable and snug – Your child will love it because it’s just so comfortable. It’s got cushioned seat covers and even extra soft cushioning on the harness.

Flat recline – The flat recline makes the Quad perfect for newborn babies and young children as it can convert into a pram when required.

Big basket – It always puts a smile on my face to see a big basket as you can never have enough storage on your stroller, according to me!

Lots of Included accessories – You would be delighted to know that the Inglesina Quad stroller includes a cup holder, a raincover, a bumper bar, and a footmuff.

Looks Great – The Inglesina Quad looks gorgeous and premium at the same time, due to the vibrant colors and the beautiful design. I personally have the Sahara Red, which me and my daughter like very much.


Placement of the peek-a-boo window – Although the peek-a-boo window at the top conveniently allows you to see your baby when you pull down the canopy to its full length, it also lets the sun through unfortunately.

Not fit for narrow and tight spaces – The big wheels provide the Inglesina Quad with amazing stability, but if you are planning to squeeze through some narrow doorways or tight hallways, this is not the right stroller for you.

Spare parts can be hard to find – I have not had any need for finding spare parts for the stroller, but if you do, then it can be a bit of a problem according to some users.

Other Noteworthy Points

This all-terrain stroller by Inglesina comes in several different color options as shown below:

What Are Other Parents Saying About It?

The video below provides a great overview of what features this Inglesina stroller has to offer:


This next video is a review which I also found useful about this stroller:



Should You Get It?

After reading my Inglesina Quad review, you must have realized that this stroller is not meant for people who are looking for super lightweight strollers that can get through the tightest of corners. Other than that, the Inglesina Quad stroller is perfect for parents who have a young child or a newborn at home. It provides full protection against the weather, includes necessary add-ons and can easily handle road bumps and off-road terrain with the help of its four well equipped wheels. You can use it to go on a small adventures with your child or as your everyday use stroller; either way, you will not go wrong.

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