Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review

Product Name:Mountain Buggy Terrain
Brand:Mountain Buggy
Stroller Weight:28
Weight Capacity:55
Stroller Type:Jogging
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This past week I was super excited to be able to test out the Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller, which is a single jogging stroller that can also be used as an everyday use stroller. If you have been reading Mommy Stroller for a while now, you’ll know that I absolutely love the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller, a 13 pound stroller that folds conveniently for travel.


Mountain Buggy Terrain - View


The Mountain Buggy Terrain is a 28 pound stroller and has a seat capacity of 55 pounds, and offers some really innovative features – not too surprising when it comes to Mountain Buggy products. Before we get into the details of this stroller, I must say that I am once again amazed by the awesome features this stroller showcases. In fact, if I didn’t already have a single jogging stroller and am looking for one, the Mountain Buggy Terrain would be on the top of my shopping list.

Ready to explore how awesome this stroller is? Let’s find out!

Features and Pros

Water Resistant Canopy. As a (mostly) outdoor stroller, the Mountain Buggy Terrain’s canopy is not only large, but is also water resistant. This makes it much more easy not having the need to carry a rain cover for the stroller. The canopy also has an UPF 50+ rating and has a magnetic peekaboo window.

Full Recline Seat. This stroller’s seat is not only super padded and comfortable, but also has a full recline – your child can lie down flat in this stroller while you jog with him/her!

Retractable Leg Rest. In addition to having a comfy seat, this stroller has a retractable leg rest that allows you to extend the leg rest for your child’s comfort depending on his/her height.

One Hand Compact Fold. Mountain Buggy made some changes to their folding mechanism and not only does this stroller requires only one hand to fold, but it is also super compact. Once folded, the stroller measures 36.6” x 24.8” x 15.3”.

5 Point Harness. The Mountain Buggy Terrain has an easy to use 5 point harness that requires just one push of a button to release. As an added safety feature, there is also an adjustable crotch strap.

Adjustable Handle Bar. For parents who have significant differences in their heights, you will be happy to know that this stroller has a handle bar that can be adjustable from 36.5” to 48.5” in height.

Hand Control Brake. You have total control of speed for this stroller with its hand operated control brake.

Foot Activated Brake. While the hand control brake allows you to slow down the stroller while you are jogging, you’ll need to make use of the foot activated brake in order to keep the stroller stationary.

Shock Absorbing Suspension. I found the suspension system of this stroller to be excellent. There were times where I would jog over fairly rough terrain while my child was sleeping, but that didn’t wake him up one bit thanks to the stroller’s suspension.

Wrist Strap. This stroller comes with a safety strap so that you can always keep the stroller within reach.

Mountain Buggy Terrain - Wheels

Comes with 16” and 12” Air Filled Rear Wheel Sets. One thing that I really like about this stroller is its design. The feature that probably showcases this is that Mountain Buggy includes 16” and 12” air filled rear wheel sets with the purchase of this stroller. The idea is that the 16” wheels are used for jogging activities while the 12” wheels are used for urban/everyday use. I found that the rear wheels are easily swappable.

Great Maneuverability. Because of the front swivel wheels and the dimensions of the stroller, it maneuvers very well. In fact, it is engineered with a perfect weight distribution, allowing you to easily “pop” the front wheel of the stroller up curbs and obstacles.

Second Child Option. If you have an older second child, and if you’re planning to use this as an everyday use stroller, there is an accessory that allows you to attach a glider board to the rear axle. This is certainly not to be used when you are jogging.

Water Bottle Holders. Many jogging strollers lack a convenient place to hold water bottles for the parent. This is not the case with the Mountain Buggy Terrain; it comes with two bottle holders that are easy to reach while you are on the go.

Zip Covered Storage Space. This stroller comes with a 22 pound rated, zip covered storage basket. What’s nice is that the storage basket is compartmentalized, so you can keep your items organized.


The Mountain Buggy Terrain is perfect in almost every way you look at it. There was one thing which could have been improved.

Instruction Manual. While this does not pertain to the stroller itself, it is worth noting that you’ll probably need to refer to the video on Mountain Buggy’s website to assemble the stroller. The instruction manual that came with the stroller was not very clear in my opinion. However, I had no problems whatsoever when I was trying to find documentation on their website. I’d recommend checking out the video on their website to get a full demo as to how to assemble the stroller.

Other Noteworthy Points

The Mountain Buggy Terrain jogging stroller comes in 2 different color options – Solus and Graphite. One of these color options is shown below.


The Mountain Buggy Terrain is one of the most “feature-rich” jogging strollers out there. It is also versatile in that its wheels can easily be swapped out so that they are more suitable to be used as an everyday use stroller. It is on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of jogging strollers, but you’ve got to give credit to Mountain Buggy for their innovate design on this stroller. There are many awesome features that is in this stroller, however, there are a few particular features that stand out for me. The first is its fully recline-able seat, which makes it suitable for newborns. Besides that, it also comes with a zip covered storage basket and two bottle holders that can be conveniently reached. The Mountain Buggy Terrain is perfect for parents who are looking for a jogging and everyday use stroller that is equipped with almost every premium feature you can think of in a stroller.

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Photo credits: Mountain Buggy

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