Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller Review

Product Name:Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller
Brand:Summer Infant
Stroller Weight:13
Weight Capacity:50
Stroller Type:Umbrella & Lightweight
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The Summer Infant 3D Zyre series is a series above Summer Infant’s 3D Lite series. As an umbrella and lightweight stroller, the Summer Infant 3D Zyre does an excellent job. This stroller makes use of aluminum frame which is not only lightweight, but extremely durable. It weighs only 13 pounds, a pound heavier than the previously reviewed 3D Lite stroller. Despite its weight, it can still handle a maximum weight of 50 pounds. One of its stand out features which I’ll be discussing in more detail later in this review is its zip out extension canopy. This Summer Infant stroller has a dimension of 43” x 18” x 27” when unfolded and 42” x 12” x 13” when folded. The stroller’s weight of just 13 pounds, coupled with its compact form factor make this Summer Infant stroller ideal not only for everyday use, but also for travelling purposes. Let’s dive into what the key features are for this stroller.

Features and Pros

Ultralight and Portable. One of the first things I noticed with this stroller was that it is ULTRALIGHT in terms of weight. It weighs only 13 pounds, which makes it really easy to carry around. Its weight and the inclusion of a shoulder strap make this stroller extremely portable.

Oversized Canopy. The Summer Infant 3D Zyre stroller comes with an oversized canopy; and a big one too. It also has a zippered extension to the canopy to provide your little rider with shaded comfort in the stroller. Just compare the two images above to see how much the canopy extends! This is definitely one of the stand out features of this stroller. I’ll actually go on to say that this stroller has one of the BEST sun protection coverage I’ve seen in any umbrella stroller. A part of this canopy also has a peekaboo window.

Spacious Seating Area. Having a width of about 13” wide, this stroller’s seat should provide tons of space even for a tall toddler.

One Handed, Multi Position Recline. Reclining the stroller seat requires only one hand – super easy! There are 3 different positions that this seat can be reclined to.

One Hand (and One Foot) Fold. The Summer Infant 3D Zyre stroller folds up pretty easily and requires one foot and one hand. Once folded, the stroller measures 42” x 12” x 13”.

Adjustable 5-Point Harness. The stroller has an adjustable 5-point with the buckle right in the middle. The buckle is protected and hidden by a padded surface to prevent your child from accidentally unlocking the buckle.

Ergonomic Handle Bar. The handlebar that comes equipped with this stroller are comfortable to grip, heat resistant and are made of foam material. For parents, keep note that this makes pushing around this stroller really comfortable! The handle bar height on this stroller is 42” which is higher than average lightweight umbrella strollers. As I’ve mentioned before, a tall handle bar is extremely important as it also accommodates tall parents. This handle bar height will accommodate anyone who’s about 6 feet tall.

Easy Set Up. Like most modern strollers out there, setting up a stroller from a shipment should take you less than 10 minutes. However, Summer Infant makes the process a whole lot easier; all you need to do is to snap the 4 set of wheels to the frame and you’re good to go!

Double Wheel System. This Summer Infant stroller has a total of 8 wheels, or 4 sets of 2 wheels. Similar to many other umbrella strollers, the front wheel can swivel and has locks to keep them in the straight position. The back wheels have a total of 2 brake locks, one for each side, and can be easily engaged and disengaged with your foot.

Decent Sized Storage Basket. The storage basket which is frame supported is medium sized. What’s nice about this stroller’s storage is that it is still accessible through the sides even when the seat is fully reclined. The stroller also has two pocket storage spaces for the parent, one of which can be zippered.


The Summer Infant 3D Zyre stroller really doesn’t have any major cons. Although not a big issue, there was one thing that I would have liked to see in this stroller.

Suspension in Wheels. The wheels do not have any suspension, which is a nice to have for strolling on bumpy or uneven surfaces. It is to be noted however that because there are a total of 8 wheels in this stroller, it still rides really smoothly even without any suspension.

What Are Other Parents Saying About This Stroller?

Below is a Summer Infant video I found useful.


Here is another useful video on this Summer Infant stroller.


Other Noteworthy Points

You can pick from three different color options for this stroller: Glacier Grey, Lime Punch and Gold Fusion. All of these three options are shown in the pictures below.

The price for the Summer Infant 3D Zyre stroller is pretty reasonable for either of the three color options and in my opinion, is a great deal for what you’re getting.


The Summer Infant 3D Zyre stroller is no doubt one of my favorite ultralight umbrella strollers around. Its affordable price truly makes it a bargain for all the features it brings to the table. The two main features that really stand out for me in this stroller are the excellent canopy coverage and ergonomically designed handle bar. You really can’t go wrong with this stroller if what you’re looking for is a lightweight umbrella stroller that comes with tons of useful features.


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