UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller Review

Product Name:UPPAbaby Cruz
Stroller Weight:21.5
Weight Capacity:50
Stroller Type:Umbrella Stroller & Premium Stroller
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Details and Specifications

Total weight: 21.5 lbs

Weight of the frame: 15 lbs

Weight of the seat: 6.5 lbs

Unfolded measurements: 22.25” × 37” × 39.5” (width × length × height)

Folded measurements with seat: 22” × 14” × 37” (width × length × height)

Folded measurements without seat: 22” × 12” × 37” (width × length × height)

Width of the handlebar: 19”

Height of the handlebar: 39.5” – 42”

Front wheels: 6.5”

Rear wheels: 8.25”

Maximum seat capacity: 50 lbs

UPPAbaby is one of the premier names in the nursery product business and the Cruz is among its most loved full-size strollers. Just to put a cherry on top, the new 2015 version of the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller now sports larger, 8.25-inch (it used to be 7.5-inch) rear wheels and even includes a bumper bar as part of the package. The updated Cruz comes in a range of attractive new colors, which are cutely named Denny (red), Georgie (blue), Taylor (dark blue),  Jake (black), Lindsey (Cream), Maya (yellow), Maeve (light violet), Pascal (silver) and Samantha (pink).

The UPPAbaby Cruz stroller was definitely designed with the urban parent in mind, as its 22-inch wide frame is narrow enough to fit through subway aisles and the tightest of doorways with ease. There’s a cushioned handlebar with height adjustability for tall parents to push without kicking the aisle, which I liked a lot. If you have a newborn baby, you will appreciate the recline, which can go almost fully flat. Alternatively of course, you can put in a bassinet to fully transform the Cruz into an infant stroller. In case you need a travel system, the Cruz won’t let you down there either because you can put a compatible car seat in it with just as much ease. There’s also the compact and lightweight build, a huge under-the-seat basket, SPF 50+ sun visors, big canopy, 5-point padded harness, easy to use footbrake and a ton of other stuff that we will now take a look at in detail to find out if the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller really is as good as it seems.

Features and Pros

Compact and Slim Design

UPPAbaby uses the slogan, “compact without compromise” to advertise the Cruz and as it turns out, it is actually true! The UPPAbaby Cruz stroller has a seat that’s 12-inches wide and a seat back that is 20-inches long, with additional 2-inches if you pull back the canopy. It can also carry kids up to 50 lbs without an issue. Even with all this space and muscle, it is surprisingly compact for a full-size reversible stroller. If you are like me and live in the city, then we know that you’ll love a stroller that can be pushed through narrow, crowded spaces.

Reversible Seat Configuration

If you want to talk to your baby or if your child feels lonely, just turn the seat around so that he/she can face you instead of the road ahead. There is one button on each side of the seat for you to press and unlock the seat from its position. Once it is unlocked, change the arrangement of the seat from forward-facing to rear-facing or vice versa, and lock it in. It really is as simple as it sounds. What I really liked is that even in the rear-facing arrangement, the seat offered the same recline positions. Unfortunately, you can fold the stroller only when the seat is in front facing mode though.

Amazing Recline on the Seat

The lever which controls the recline can be operated with just one hand and offers up to five positions. You will like the almost flat position if you are a new mother, but I would still recommend buying a supportive infant head insert, given that the arrangement is not fully flat. After a few months, children often prefer sitting upright and this seat supports an upright sitting arrangement as well.

Canopy with Big SPF 50+ Sun Visors

Even though you may not notice it at the first glance, the decent sized canopy hides a big sun visor with SPF 50+ protection. You can pull it down when needed and it extends right up to to the bumper bar, ensuring that your child has nothing to worry about even when you two go for a stroll on the sunniest of days. Apart from UV protection, the canopy also sports a nice little magnetic peek-a-boo window on the top.

AirGo Wheels

The air-filled bicycle tires used by many other strollers offer a comfortable ride, but they often go flat. The UPPAbaby Cruz wheels on the other hand provides the same comfort to your baby as air-filled tires do, but without the headache of having to deal with frequent flats. The lockable AirGo swivel wheels at the front are 6.5-inches, while the rear AirGo wheels are 8.25-inches wide. I would say the wheels are good enough for you to push the stroller over grass or irregularities on a paved road and it would even handle road bumps or potholes without your baby feeling much of it. Nonetheless, these are neither all-terrain wheels, nor is the UPPAbaby Cruz suspension good enough to tackle off-road adventures or jogging; so just don’t expect that!

Easy Folding Mechanism

The fact that the Cruz can be folded with the seat still attached is a blessing. You should be able to see two triggers on each side of the handlebar; just pull the triggers and rotate it towards you to fold the stroller in from the middle. Once you are done, it should lock itself automatically and stand upright like a good boy! Keep in mind though, that the seat MUST be in the front-facing mode before you begin to fold it.

Appropriately Named X-Large Basket

I REALLY like the X-Large basket and so will you. The huge basket can store up to 25 lbs of extra luggage in it and there’s no parent out there who wouldn’t love it. You will also find the big opening perfectly placed to make it easily accessible. Be it your diaper bag, your baby’s toys or groceries, the X-Large basket can take it all.

Handlebar Suitable for All Parents

UPPAbaby calls it their telescoping handlebar and I can see why. You need to press a button located in the middle of the handlebar and pull it out in a way that’s reminiscent of a telescope. Whatever they call it, the extendable handlebar is perfect for all parents, irrespective of their height. It can stretch from the base height of 39.5-inches to a maximum height of 42-inches and that’s enough to cater to most moms and dads.

Easy to Unlock 5-Point Harness

The harness is adequately padded, has a central release button and can even be adjusted as your baby grows with each passing day. In fact, it’s so easy to release that after your son/daughter gets a little older, he/she will be able to get out of it without your help.

Footbrake That Isn’t Too Hard to Use

The UPPAbaby Cruz stroller has a footbrake to aid you while you park the Cruz. You will find the brake conveniently placed right in between the two big wheels at the back. What I really liked about the footbrake for the UPPAbaby Cruz was that unlike footbrakes on some strollers, it was easy to use and doesn’t require too much effort.

Two Separate Footrests

The first footrest is right on the seat to make younger kids comfortable, while the second one is a part of the frame itself and is there for comparatively older kids. Although the one in the frame is fixed, you can easily adjust the 10-inch high footrest on the seat. All in all, it is a nice little touch which I like.

Neat Travel System

The UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat and the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller are a perfect match for each other and together, they form a travel system that’s as portable as it is safe. Also, the MESA does not even need an adapter to be used with the Cruz. However, you will need an adapter, if you plan to use a Chicco or a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat. Mind you though, not all models from these companies are compatible and I personally, prefer the MESA.

Compatibility with an UPPAbaby Cruz Carrycot and the PiggyBoard

The Cruz is compatible with the UPPAbaby bassinet, just in case you want to convert the stroller into a pram. The 8.4 pound carrycot comes equipped with a large ventilated canopy and a SPF 50+ sun visor for added protection against the sun.

The PiggyBoard on the other hand is a handy little equipment that can carry up to extra 55 lbs in child weight. Your older child can just stand on it if he/she feels too tired while on a particularly long stroll. It’s easy to plug in or remove, and the Cruz can even fold with the PiggyBoard attached. This definitely is a plus in my opinion as it can convert the UPPAbaby Cruz into a sit and stand stroller.


You May Find it Bulky

The fold just does not make the UPPAbaby Cruz seem compact, especially when the seat is still attached (22”w × 14”l × 37”h). We have seen much bigger strollers fold more gracefully than this. It will still fit in the trunk of most cars, provided that you don’t plan to put much else in it.

Could Use a Few Extra Pockets for Additional Storage

Most strollers nowadays have a pocket or two on them, especially at the back of the seat. Although the Cruz sports a well placed huge basket at the bottom, at least one pocket for putting keys, phones and purses should have been included.

What Are Other Parents Saying About It?

I found some useful video reviews on the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller – I’d recommend watching them.

This next video is a on an older Cruz model, but I still found it useful:

What’s the Verdict?

If you have the budget and you don’t have any plans to take it off-road, the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller is an excellent buy and I would recommend it. If you are into fitness or outdoor adventuring with your child but you do not already have an all-terrain or a jogging stroller, the Cruz is not for you. When it comes to the comfort of your child, maneuverability, slimness, portability and adaptability, the Cruz truly shines in all these aspects. It is by no means perfect, but this full-size stroller offers a lot of features and lives up to most of the claims that the mnufacturer makes about it. I did not appreciate the fact that it comes without even a single cup holder or a parent tray, but overall, I had a very satisfying and pleasant experience using the UPPAbaby Cruz. Definitely a solid 4.7/5.0 in my books!

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