UPPAbaby G-Link Double Stroller Review

Product Name:UPPAbaby G-Link Double Stroller
Stroller Weight:24.5
Weight Capacity:50+50
Stroller Type:Double Stroller
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The G-Link 2016 is the first double umbrella stroller released by UPPAbaby and its similarity with last year’s G-Luxe single stroller is quite striking. In case you are wondering, there is just one G-Link Stroller in the market and it is also known as the UPPAbaby G-Link 2016. It comes in three colors. However, UPPAbaby has marketed these colors in a somewhat interesting way which goes like this; black/carbon is termed together as Jake, jade/silver as Ella and grey as Pascal. Irrespective of the color, all G-Link strollers have a metal frame made up of aluminum.

The first thing that we noticed about this UPPAbaby double umbrella stroller was its size. Even if you have a slightly older “baby”, you will be able to comfortably fit him/her into the spacious stroller, thanks to the 26-inch canopy height. Bear in mind though that the official upper limit for each of the seats is 50 lbs. In spite of being spacious, the double umbrella stroller is quite light at 24.5 lbs and deceptively narrow at only 30-inch (width). The narrow width makes navigating through doorways and fitting into elevators easier than expected.

A sufficiently deep one-handed recline, infant head inserts, adjustable leg rest and mesh foot barriers will convince you that the G-Link has been designed with a lot of care for newborns in particular. The foldable stroller also comes with a 5-point harness, huge baskets, locking system for the front wheels, back-windows with curtains and full-sized sun visors below the canopies. There is even a removable cup holder included in the package. All of this is covered under the 2-year warranty by UPPAbaby, but in order to avail that warranty, you have to be the first or original owner of the product.

Features and Pros

Sturdy Canopy – The canopy on the G-Link is actually quite good, made even better by the full-sized SPF 50+ sun visor that pops out of it at the front. We always prefer big ones when it comes to visors as they tend to offer better protection to children against the sun. There wasn’t a peek-a-boo window at the back on the G-Luxe, but UPPAbaby has it addressed with the G-Link because this one has a big transparent plastic window at the back, along with Velcro closure.

Infant Head Rest – Both the seats have their own separate head rest for infants which we think is essential to ensure that the baby has extra head support.

5-Point Harness – The 5-point harness can be adjusted according to the size and comfort of the child and we particularly like the easy to release buckle at the center.

Adequately Deep and Independent Recline – The recliner settings on the stroller allows for four positions, making it ideal for all situations. In fact, it can be tilted back to almost 180-degrees which is very useful if you have a newborn. Unlike certain strollers we had seen earlier, both seats in the G-Link 2016 can be adjusted independently of each other. This is something that we are sure that parents will like a lot.

Infant Support System – The mesh can be pulled out from under the leg rest and over the sleeping baby’s blanket in order to hold it in place. It could simply be used to create an overall protected setup inside the stroller just as well.

Spacious Seats – In order to understand how spacious the seats exactly are, consider the following measurements; width – 12-inches, seat back – 18-inches, canopy height from the base of the seats – 26-inches. These are measurements that puts the G-Link among the largest and the tallest double strollers in the market.

High Quality Wheels– There are four EVA foam wheels and the front ones can either be locked to roll straight or be unlocked to allow for maneuverability. Each of the four wheels is 5.75-inches in diameter and designed for smooth surfaces so we would advise against taking them out on rough ground.

Easy to Use Folding Mechanism – There is a button right in the middle of the frame that you need to push first, before pulling the trigger down in order to fold the G-Link. Once you fold it down completely, it will lock by itself. It’s easy to use and saves time due to the simplicity of it.

One Giant Basket for Storage – Instead of putting two baskets on it, UPPAbaby has installed a single giant basket for parents to fit the baby’s belongings into it. You may find the crossbar to be a bit of a nuisance as it does get in the way of using the basket, but this is an inherent problem with most, if not all umbrella strollers unfortunately.


Tight Parking Brake – Although the parking brake does the job as mentioned above, it is a bit tight in our opinion. If you are wearing light or soft shoes, pressing it might take more effort than it should.

No Cushioning on the Harness – We expected the harness to have cushioning, which it didn’t. A crotch pad is also missing in the G-Link 2016; therefore scratching might be an issue for toddlers.

Fixed Handles – The handle bars are comfortable to hold but unfortunately, they are fixed. The 3.5 feet (42-inches) height should be comfortable for most parents, but we would have definitely preferred it if it was adjustable given its price point.

Slightly on the Heavier Side – It must be admitted that though the G-Link weighs in at just 24.5 lbs which isn’t too much considering that it’s a double umbrella stroller, it does feel heavy to move around at times.

High Price Point – This is a point that’s debatable, but some may feel that UPPAbaby has priced it higher than they should have. We do think that there are definitely good alternatives available at a cheaper price, though they may not be better than the G-Link in all aspects.

What Are Other Parents Saying About This Stroller?

Overall, the responses for parents are positive for the UPPAbaby double umbrella stroller.

Below is a video review of the stroller which I found to be extremely useful:

Other Noteworthy Points

This double stroller by UPPAbaby comes in several different color options as shown below:


The UPPAbaby G-Link stroller is one of the few double strollers in the market to sport just 4 wheels instead of the standard set of six. This makes it lighter, albeit a bit harder to maneuver. It has a lot going for it and we particularly like the roomy seats, big sun visors and the peek-a-boo window at the back. The price is quite a bit on the steeper side and there are less expensive double stroller models available from other manufacturers. Nonetheless, we found the UPPAbaby G-Link to be an ideal double stroller for newborns in particular and it is recommended especially for infants.

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