UPPAbaby Vista Review

Product Name:UPPAbaby Vista
Stroller Weight:27.5
Weight Capacity:50
Stroller Type:Umbrella & Premium
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The UPPAbaby Vista can act as a single stroller or a tandem double stroller, depending on the need of the hour. In fact, the Vista can even carry a third child if you attach the optional PiggyBack board at the rear. What this means is that the Vista justifies its premium price tag through adaptability and longevity, as it aims to be the ONLY regular stroller that you will ever need.

Just by laying your eyes on the UPPAbaby Vista, you will know that the stroller has been made well with quality materials. If you have used any of the Vista models before, keep in mind that the 2015 version has been drastically changed for the good.

Firstly, it can now become a tandem double thanks to the RumbleSeat, and alternately, you can also turn the Vista into a Twin Pram by adding two bassinets or two infant car seats. Secondly, it simply folds easier and a lot better now than it did in the previous models. There are also other minor changes and a lot of the old favourites that have been retained cleverly.

However, let us find out more about this versatile stroller; more specifically, discussing the features, pros and cons of the UPPAbaby Vista stroller.

Features and Pros

The Build

The UPPAbaby Vista weighs in at 27.5 lbs (as a single) and feels even lighter while pushing because of the balanced weight distribution. I am a bit choosy about the frames and the Vista does not disappoint with its sturdy aluminum-magnesium alloy build. Everything looks and feels clean, minimalistic and well made.


The Vista can accommodate one full sized stroller seat and a RumbleSeat/two bassinets/two infant car seats (MESA). You can easily adjust both the stroller seats to make them parent-facing/sibling facing/road facing. If you have three children, even your oldest can hitch a ride on the PiggyBack Board (which will cost you extra) if he/she gets tired during a long walk. While using it as a tandem double, both the seats recline independently and your child can even sit upright in them to enjoy the view.

All in all, the Vista is really versatile, which in turn makes it futureproof and should last you for years to come.

I consider it to be one of the best bassinet strollers around in the market today.

Extendable Handlebar

Thankfully, the Vista 2015 has an extendable handlebar which can be adjusted to make pushing comfortable for both short and tall parents. It can be stretched to a minimum of 39.5-inches to a maximum of 42.5-inches by simply pulling out the handlebar.

Simple Folding Mechanism

Pull out the telescoping handlebar, pull the triggers on the sides and gently fold it down until it stands. That’s all you need to do! You don’t even have to remove any of the stroller seats while folding it because it can fold with both the seats still attached in the forward-facing position. The easy folding mechanism is a serious improvement over earlier models of the Vista and it’s also more compact than before.

Humongous Basket

Quite simply put, when it comes to under the seat storage, the UPPAbaby Vista just cannot be beaten. The storage bin is bigger than most (if not all) we have ever seen, especially on a tandem stroller and may very well be the most spacious basket (30 lbs carriage capacity) available on a stroller right now. In addition to diaper bags and clothes, it will also carry a bit of your shopping without breaking a sweat.

Suspension on All Wheels

The UPPAbaby Vista sports 8.2-inch wheels at the front and 11.3-inch rear wheels with suspension on all of them. The wheels have rubber on the outside and foam on the inside and therefore, they never go flat, unlike air-filled tires. Although the setup isn’t designed to handle off-road trails, it can certainly handle road bumps, playgrounds, pavement cracks, light snow and occasional curbs well enough to keep your children happy and comfortable. You also have the choice of locking the two front wheels, which would otherwise swivel to offer parents with more maneuverability in the city.

Height Adjustable Canopy

The canopy can be extended and there are also big SPF 50+ sun visors accompanying it to provide complete sun protection on particularly sunny days. There’s a peek-a-boo window with mesh covering on top for you to keep an eye on your baby and the canopy itself can be adjusted to accommodate children of different height and age comfortably.

The Accessories Included

Although they are charging a pretty penny for it, the package I had includes a bassinet, a rain cover for the stroller seat and even a bug shield. The bassinet is actually a very good one, complete with a SPF 50+ extendable canopy, a boot cover to keep your baby warm and a perforated mattress.

Thanks to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certification, the bassinet is safe to be used at night as an extra bed for your baby.

Infant Car Seat Compatibility

If you are planning to use the compatible Maxi-Cosi/Chicco products, then you will need to buy the car seat adapter separately as it’s not included in the package unfortunately. However, if you use UPPAbaby’s own MESA car seats, you won’t even need adapters as they can simply be clicked on.


Too Wide at Times

For a tandem double stroller, the Vista is relatively wide at 26.6 inches as compared to some of the other options in this category and this can be a bit of a problem when it comes to squeezing through tight aisles and doorways.

However, in comparison to some of the most narrow side-by-side double strollers, the Vista can definitely be considered narrow.

Lower Seat Needs an Adapter

Unlike the plug-in/plug-out system used for the regular stroller seat, the RumbleSeat needs an adapter to be installed on to the frame, which you must buy separately.

What are Other Parents Saying About the UPPAbaby Vista

The video below goes over the UPPAbaby Vista.

Should You Buy the UPPAbaby Vista?

To be honest, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than the UPPAbaby Vista if what you’re looking for is versatility. It is a top product which looks good, pushes well and offers a ton of features. It would have been nice if UPPAbaby allowed us to buy the Vista without the bassinet for those who don’t need it as it would lower the cost. Nevertheless, it is a good bassinet and all things considered, you cannot go wrong with the Vista if you are looking for one versatile and futureproof stroller that will last you through the years of early parenthood.

On a side note, another excellent “expandable”, versatile and futureproof stroller is the Baby Jogger City Select stroller, which happens to be one of my favourite strollers of all time.

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