Travel Cribs: Keep Your Baby Safe on the Go

If you are traveling with a baby or need a temporary, portable sleeping solution for them, you will probably want to buy a travel crib. Travel cribs often come in the form of play yards or pack & plays. While anything you buy at the store has passed federal safety standards, there are some guidelines you should follow to keep your child safe in their travel crib. We’ll be going over ways to make sure that you are using your travel crib properly.

Stay Updated on Current Safety Standards

Any travel crib that is for sale through a retail outlet must pass guidelines and standards set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. While they are not constantly passing new guidelines, the standards are changed regularly to better ensure safety. For instance, in 2013, a whole set of new guidelines was released.

Sometimes, manufacturers discover that their product is not safe enough to be on the market. This can cause a recall. Baby products are recalled regularly, so you should keep an eye out for statements from your manufacturer.

Many parents buy their travel cribs second-hand. Other parents buy a new product when their child is born, but hand it down to subsequent children. You will need to check that your product is still safe to use. Check out the CPSC website as well as your crib’s manufacturer’s website to ensure you are following the latest safety standards.

Travel Cribs are Temporary

Many parents wonder if they can skip buying a regular crib and just use a travel crib for their baby. Any manufacturer guideline will recommend against this because these products are not made to be a permanent sleep space.

You can use a travel crib to allow your infant to sleep in your room when they are a small baby. But as they grow older, they need to sleep in a full-size crib. If they continue to use the travel crib, they will wear it out and it could collapse under them. They will also be able to easily climb out of it. Some children injure themselves while trying to climb out of play yards.

As long as your child does not exceed the weight limitations, you can use your travel crib for naps or temporary overnight situations like on vacation or at a grandparent’s house.

Possible Hazards

Regular wear and tear in the travel crib could create hazards. Continually check your travel crib to avoid the following issues.

Safe Usage

Any baby product is only safe if used properly. Make sure you follow the following rules.


Pack & plays and play yards are designed to keep your child safe. You must do your part in ensuring the product you have uses up-to-date safety standards. You also need to ensure you are using it properly. Doing so will give you peace of mind at night when traveling with your little one.


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