What Are Some Double Jogging Strollers with Car Seat Attachment?

Are you an active mom or dad looking forward to an exercising routine but don’t want to hit the local gym? You are probably considering morning runs but can’t because you have small kids. It’s perfectly understandable since jogging with kids around can leave you more exhausted than refreshed.  On the other hand, jogging with your little ones is a great way to ensure you have a healthy and more active family. But you simply can’t run with your children strapped on the back, right?

How then can your wishes come true?

Well, your solution might be a double jogging stroller that is car seat compatible. With your kids safely strapped on a car seat attached to the stroller, you can be sure of them enjoying the run as much as you do. If you are having a child less than one year, you could also consider a double jogging stroller with infant car seat attachment. This is especially great for new moms who want to start exercising a few months after delivery.

Besides jogging, a double jogging stroller comes in handy when you want to take walks with friends or run errands without leaving your kids behind.

However, to achieve your health goals, you must pick the right double stroller that complements your needs. Remember, heavy strollers no matter how durable they are, might give you problems when it comes to storage. Likewise, lightweight strollers are not the best fit on rough roads. Although it might seem like there is no perfect double jogging stroller, putting your specific needs ahead might land you one.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Double Jogging Stroller with Car Seat Attachment

Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar height determines how your arms swing and shoulders move when pushing the stroller, so in a way, this hugely affects the entire jogging process. Therefore, consider an adjustable handlebar that can be easily adjusted especially if your jogging partner is a feet shorter or taller than you.

Cup Holders

Cup holders come in handy for on the go convenience. You should however make sure that they are deep enough to hold things in place as you run on bumps and turns.

Sun Canopy

It’s unsafe for small children to glare at the sun with their eyes. Also their skin can easily get burned when getting long exposure to the sun. So, opt for a stroller with a big sun canopy that can be adjusted in multiple positions to provide shade from high above your children’s heads.

Type of Wheels

Opt for fixed wheels as opposed to swivel front wheels if you are considering taking long distance runs. Fixed wheels are best for jogging as they offer less road resistance and low roll risk. However, if the stroller is meant to be a multi-purpose stroller that can be used both for jogging and moving around shopping, then purchase one with swivel front wheels capable of turning to fit your everyday activities.  


To ensure your children are comfortable during the runs, invest in a stroller with a good pair of shock absorbers. This will provide your little ones with good suspension and prevent them from unnecessary bouncing.

The Stroller Weight

Needless to say, if the jogging stroller is too heavy, you will have problems taking turns during the run, not to mention trouble storing it. A very lightweight stroller might also be inconveniencing on rough terrains. In fact, if you’re planning to run or jog with your stroller, your only option would be a running or jogging stroller.Therefore, weigh your options right and go for what best suites your lifestyle.

Hand Brakes

If you will be using the double stroller up the hills and down slopes, hand brakes are essential to prevent you from changing the running form during a jog. The brakes also come in handy to counter the extra children’s weight on a hill without pulling your own weight back to the heels.

Best Double Jogging Strollers That Are Car Seat Compatible

Baby Jogger X3 Double Jogging Stroller

If you need a jogging stroller that doubles up as a multi-purpose stroller, then the Baby Jogger  X3 double jogging stroller is your solution. This hybrid jogging stroller is equipped with air filled rubber tires and a remote lock on the handlebar that allows you to easily lock the front wheels or change them to swivel mode. The stroller is also fitted with a hand operated rear drum brakes, giving you maximum control during the run. The padded seats come as a bonus to keep your children comfortable while the large canopies act as a sun roof for them.

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BOB Revolution Flex Duallie

Bob Revolution Flex Duallie is one of the double jogging strollers with an infant car seat attachment that can be used with compatible car seats until the infant is of age to ride inside the stroller seats. Fitted with locking front wheels, the Flex Duallie comes in handy when maneuvering narrow paths. The stroller is also equipped with five point harnesses that ensure your children are safely strapped and not subjected to bouncy and bumpy terrains. With colors ranging from black, lagoon, canyon and red, there is indeed a choice for every parent. Most importantly, this gear has an adjustable handle and suspension, air filled tires and independent shock absorbers for optimum safety.

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Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller

With large heavy duty wheels and locking brakes, the Baby Trend Expedition double stroller gives you peace of mind without worrying about the wheels going off the road when jogging. The stroller is also equipped with cup holders to keep your drinking water, keys or milk for the children within reach. With the Trend Expedition, you can also recline the children in five different positions to boost their safety and comfort when running.

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Baby Trend Navigator Double Stroller

There is no better way to navigate the rough terrain than using this stroller which is fitted with strong locking wheels. The umbrella like canopy further provides optimum coverage to your children blocking the rough wind and harsh sun rays. Most importantly, the soft seats provide a comfortable and five point harness connection.

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Thule Urban Glide 2

The multi position canopy style is definitely the most notable feature in this double jogging stroller. The canopy not only acts as a sun roof for the children, but it also provides venting for them. The stroller is also fitted with an ergonomic handlebar and comfortable design that ensures your comfort when running is not compromised. The stroller has a large storage compartment with a zippered waterproof cover giving you enough space to keep snacks and other accessories within reach.

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Parting Shot

Indeed, a double jogging stroller that is car seat compatible is your best deal if you have two children or expecting to give your firstborn a little brother or sister soon. However, it’s important that you choose the double stroller that complements your needs especially because these strollers are quite expensive. Try them out before making a purchase or better still, get some advice from fellow jogging parents on what has worked for them.

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