What to Bring when Riding Public Transportation with Kids

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Let’s start by saying that I absolutely love travelling. That being said, public transportation can be tricky to navigate with small children. There are crowds full of strangers and a lot of time spent sitting. You likely need to have some items with you in order to help your kids travel. However, the less you have with you, the easier it is to navigate crowds and seats. Read this article to learn about compact items you should have with you to make traveling easier.

Baby Carrier/Wrap/Sling

If you are traveling with an immobile baby, it is easiest to keep the baby as close to you as possible. The closer your baby is, the less you have to worry about anything happening to them. The best way to keep babies close is by wearing them. This also saves you from having to lug around a car seat carrier or stroller. Wearing your baby keeps your hands free, and is the most compact way to carry him or her. Wearing your baby also ensures they won’t try to crawl around on the floor or put foreign objects in their mouth.

There are many different ways to wear a baby – a pouch carrier with buckles, a sling, and a wrap are some of the most popular. It is best to try out different styles with your baby so you can see what feels most comfortable. Many women who are baby wearing for the first time prefer something that buckles or snaps because it often feels more secure than trying to tie fabric around your body.

A popular carrier among parents is the Ergo 360. This ergonomic carrier helps seat your baby properly in a durable pouch. It is easy to put this carrier on because it uses buckles that snap shut. You can easily tighten or loosen the straps with drawstrings. The Ergo 360 can place your baby in four positions: back, hip, front-facing inward, and front-facing outward. It accommodates a wide range of babies from 7-35 pounds, giving it a universal fit. There is also a storage pocket on this carrier, making it convenient to store your phone, keys, and other necessities. Then, you don’t have to worry about bringing a purse with you.

Compact Stroller

If you have an older toddler or plan to do a lot of walking, you may want a stroller. Strollers can be inconvenient to bring on buses and trains depending on crowds and if you have to go up any steps. There are, however, some strollers that fold up compactly, making them well-suited for urban travel. If you need to bring a stroller, consider looking for something lightweight that folds up easily.

The BabyZen YoYo stroller is a good choice for parents using public transportation. At a light 13 pounds, it includes a carry strap that makes it easy to travel with. It also folds up so small that it could be placed in an overhead compartment on an airplane. The YoYo can be folded, unfolded, and pushed with one hand. This is helpful for parents who are holding a child in one hand and need to fold the stroller with the other. The fast and easy folding can help parents move quickly on and off buses and trains. This stroller reclines for children who need to take a nap and comes with an extendable leg rest. It also comes with a rain cover so you’ll be ready to get on or off public transportation no matter what the weather is like.

Small Diaper Bag

While out with young children, you will likely need to carry items like diapers, snacks, or extra clothes with you. In order to carry around these items, you need a diaper bag. You should look for a small bag with multiple hidden compartments, as it is difficult to take bulky bags on a bus or train with you. You also need something lightweight, as you do not want to lug around a heavy bag while also dealing with moving your child around.

The Happy bébé portable changing station and diaper bag is a convenient bag for parents using public transportation. It is around the size of a woman’s purse, and smaller than some women’s purses. It is lightweight and can be carried on your wrist or hang from a stroller. This compact diaper bag includes room to carry all of your essentials – diapers, wipes, cream, toys, a phone, and your wallet. It can also be unzipped to become a portable changing station. This is handy for when you need to change your child in a public place because it gives you a clean surface. The mat is hypoallergenic to protect your baby.

Diaper Bag Items

Making sure you pack the right items in your diaper bag can help ensure a smooth ride for you and your child. You don’t want to pack too much because it is easier to travel light. However, you don’t want to miss the important items. Here are some items to consider:


If you are using public transportation, you do not want to end up being the parent that has the screaming child. Ensuring you have the essentials to make your trip a pleasant experience is important. By taking advantage of compact items like babywearing carriers, easy-fold strollers, and small diaper bags, you can make traveling comfortable and easy.

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