When Can a Baby Go in a Stroller?

Strollers are the most sought-after gear for parents of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids. Especially when you’re traveling those long-distance treks that are so unbearable to walk for tired, little legs. Strollers are versatile, durable, safe, and can ease traveling with your child in many convenient ways. The one question that many new parents wonder is when can they start taking advantages of those life-saving strollers and have their baby start using one?

Strollers come in a variety of models and sizes. They offer many features for parents of babies and depending on those features is when your baby can start using a stroller.

Some strollers enable you to have your baby use a stroller as soon as they’re born. Strollers must be able to fully recline back when using it for your newborn as your baby is unable to hold their head up or sit up on their own. If it has the option to attach your car seat onto it, then it’s ideal to use with your newborn.

Some strollers do not have features that allow your baby to use when they are a newborn. For example, a stroller that doesn’t recline back and doesn’t keep your baby fully secure in their seat with a harness system that prevents slipping are best used when they are closer to 6 months. This is when your baby can hold themselves up without flopping over.

Umbrella strollers and some jogging strollers are best used when your child is closer to 6 months.

The Benefits To Having Your Baby In A Stroller Early On

One of the best advantages of having the ability to use your stroller right away after your baby is born is that if you’ve had a C-section or a rough delivery, having access to your stroller whenever you need, can help with your recovery time much faster and makes life a whole lot easier.

Using your stroller eases your routine and gives you the ability to walk around with your baby without getting too tired or sore after such a surgical procedure. During the first two weeks after delivering your baby, you shouldn’t lift anything more than 20 pounds. Not that you’ve delivered a 20-pound baby! But it’s normal to feel pain for up to the two weeks after delivery. So, the less you carry the faster your recuperation.

Not only can using your stroller make life a whole lot easier by helping you move your baby from one place to another as you recover, you can use it as a support as strollers are a great in assisting you while you walk and gain your strength back. Strollers can also be an excellent mobile weight to strengthen your arms as it has added resistance.

Walking not only helps by increasing your body’s ability to heal faster after a C-Section, but it also reduces your risk of blood clotting, helps with your circulation and digestion and boosts your mood.

Challenges of Using A Stroller Right Away With Your Baby

There can be a few challenges to consider if you’re using a stroller with your baby so early on. Some babies can take time to get used to their stroller and being out of your arms for long periods of time. They may fuss when riding in the stroller.

If this is the case with your baby, it’s important to make a routine out of using your stroller until your baby is more comfortable and feels more secure in it.

A good idea is to observe your baby when you are taking them out in the stroller to see if it’s not an environmental factor that is contributing to them not liking being in the stroller. Make sure that that they are shielded from the sun and that they are not too hot or cold.

Some strollers like the car seat stroller combo (travel system) can only be used with a car seat. When your child outgrows their car seat, then you can’t use that system anymore. However, you can sell the seat and system if the car seat as long as they meet safety requirement to sell second hand. You can use the money to purchase an ideal stroller for your baby.


As you can see, strollers can be very beneficial right after you have delivered your baby and are back home with your bundle of joy. Not only do strollers make it easier for you to move your baby around, recuperate faster after your deliver, and get you back into shape but can get you outside for outings with your family and even traveling opportunities.

You also have many models of strollers to choose; from simple to more advanced with many extra features to make your life even easier.

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