When Do New Stroller Models Come Out?

It seems that with any major baby product like car seats or strollers, new models are constantly coming out. Companies are always finding new features to add or ways to make them more comfortable or convenient.

Once a new model of a product is announced, the older models often become cheaper. Parents like to capitalize on this opportunity if they know about it. While it cannot always be predicted, there are some ways of knowing when new stroller models will come out.

Follow the Brand’s Social Media Accounts

Brands often will post on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts when they are coming out with a new stroller model. If you follow their accounts, you’ll see these announcements. Sometimes the brand will tease that an announcement is coming. This is your cue to start watching for a new model.

The ABC Kids Expo

The ABC Kids Expo is a baby and children’s products convention held in Las Vegas every year. The convention is always in the fall, and almost every major children’s brand displays their products there. The ABC Kids Expo is where many brands choose to show off their newest models for the first time.

With the convention happening in late fall, most brands are then ready to release new strollers to the market by January or early spring at the latest.

Baby Jogger, a popular stroller brand, follows this model. Often times, they announce their new products in the fall, then release them in the spring of the following year. Sometimes these new products are updates of previous products, while other times they are completely brand new. For instance, in 2015, Baby Jogger released the Vue Lite stroller. This stroller is similar to the Baby Jogger Vue but is lighter and more compact. They released it in spring of 2015. In 2016, they made minor updates to some of their products to meet industry standards. Then in 2017, Baby Jogger came out with the City Select Lux 17. This new stroller was a complete makeover of the old City Select and was released in spring of 2017.


There is no way to know for sure when a new stroller will be released until a brand makes the announcement or releases the product. By following the brands and taking note of what happens at the ABC Kids Expo, you should have a good idea of what to expect.

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