When Is The Best Time to Buy Baby Items?

Congratulations on our impending addition! Pregnancy can be both exhausting and exciting. The long exhausting bumpy road of adoption is also exciting. With the new little one, your life will change dramatically. This life-altering event will turn your world upside down, but you will also love harder than you ever have before. Before, you likely got restful sleep every night. A new baby will disrupt whatever sleep schedule you had before and you will have to learn to function on only minutes of sleep. But it will always be worth it as you cuddle your new bundle of love and joy. Nothing compares to the warmth of a new baby and the sweet innocence they bring.

Now that you’re expecting an addition, you may be wondering when is the best time to buy baby items.

Don’t Shop Too Early or Too Soon

Reactions to a new addition can vary. Some people have experienced past loss and heartbreak, so they may avoid buying baby items out of fear that they will “jinx it.” Others may head to the baby store right away. While both of these reactions are natural and vary by person, they aren’t the best approach to gathering baby items.

Avoiding the topic will mean that you will rush and purchase what is available once your new baby arrives. Likewise, if you quickly buy everything in the beginning you may end up wasting money on products you don’t need or won’t work for your family. The best way to purchase baby items is to research, shop around for the best price, and then buy the item. This requires time and patience but when you’re already waiting for a baby to arrive, it isn’t that much of an inconvenience.

Take Your Time

Begin looking soon after you get confirmation of the pregnancy or adoption. Some wait until a few months have passed while others wait only a few weeks. Either way, begin shopping when you are comfortable with the time that has passed. When shopping for baby items, it may seem counterproductive, but it’s important to not buy anything yet.

First, research the product. Find what accessories it includes. Become familiar with that product and research different brands and styles. Once you have decided on a product, search around for the best price. Some products, such as strollers and clothes, can be found second hand. Other items, like car seats, should always be bought new.

Research The Product Before Purchasing

The best way to research a product is to read reviews and buying guides. Read user complaints as you may run into the same problems and need to know what to do about them. Also, research the item to see if there are any recalls. This is especially important if you are buying used. Some items may have recently failed safety inspections.

One example of this is drop-side cribs which used to be widely used; however, recent research has found them to be unsafe so they stopped selling them around 2011. After settling on a product, try to find the best price. Buying used will often give you the best possible price however new products are sometimes the best choice. Check prices in-store as well as online. You may have to purchase some products online while others may only be available in the store.

Gradually Gather Baby Items

You may feel the need to rush out and buy everything all at once out of pure excitement. This approach can be fun but it can lead to wasted money if you don’t know what you need.

Rushing to purchase everything means that you aren’t taking the time to research your options or trying to find the best deal. A person may also feel the need to wait until the last minute to purchase items, however, this can be a bad idea. You may not have everything you need and you may have to rush through purchases which will not allow you to find the best product or the best price. The best time to buy baby items is slowly over time. Begin collecting clothes and baby gear gradually. Research your options and create a baby registry (Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry) if you plan to have a baby shower. Start a collection of baby items which you can add to over time. This way, you take your time in shopping, you aren’t rushed to purchase items, and you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal available.


The road to adoption can be bumpy and it often includes losses and heartbreak. Similarly, loss of a pregnancy can make the road to parenthood bumpy and heartbreaking. Many people in this situation refrain from purchasing baby items because they are afraid they will “jinx it” or push their luck. While this approach is understandable, it’s not the best choice as it will result in rushed shopping in the end.

The best way to purchase baby items is slowly over time so you have the time to research your options, become familiar with the products and be confident in your purchases. This way, when your baby arrives, you will have everything you need and it will also have been well researched and purchased at the best price.

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