Why Does My Stroller Squeak (And How To Fix It)?

Strollers usually take quite a beating in their lifetime. From spilled snacks to rough terrain, a stroller can get dirty, worn, and tattered. Strollers are pushed on various terrains (especially all terrain strollers) and can be found in almost anywhere from the beach to the pharmacy. As a result of continued use in various locations, a stroller can begin to wear down with use. Instead of buying a new stroller, many problems can be fixed at home which can mean you won’t have to buy another stroller just yet. One common occurrence is a squeaking noise coming from the stroller. This can be an obnoxious and embarrassing sound, but you may also begin to question the performance of your stroller.

Is it going to stop working? Are the wheels going to get jammed? These questions can drive you to discontinue use of the stroller but rest assured, a squeak is a simple fix that can be done at home.

Why Does My Stroller Squeak?

A stroller may squeak for a number of reasons. The squeak may come from the wheels of the stroller or the frame. It’s important to locate the sound so you know how to fix it. This can be done by having another person slowly push the stroller while you lean in and listen for the sound.

Once you’ve located the sound, you can take appropriate measures to fix it. Sometimes the frame squeaks due to years of use. Unfortunately, this type of squeak is typically not repairable. If the squeak is too much for you, you may consider purchasing another stroller. Another reason that a stroller would squeak is the wheels. This is where a squeak usually comes from as the wheels can take a beating during the stroller’s lifetime. Sand, dirt, gravel, and other debris can get caught in the wheels which would cause a squeak noise. Don’t worry, this type of squeak is very fixable with some basic maintenance.

How Do I Fix The Squeak?

The wheels of a stroller can get clogged with debris from various terrain and use. This problem can be solved at home with some simple wheel maintenance.

First, read the user manual of your stroller to find out how to remove the wheels. If you don’t have the manual, search for it online as most manufacturers have them on their website. Usually, you can remove the wheels with a few turns of a screwdriver. Closely follow the instructions so you don’t damage the stroller.

Once you have the culprit wheel off, check for any debris that could be causing the squeak. Clear the debris away as you further inspect the wheel and bearings. Next, use dry Teflon spray or compressed air to clean the inside parts of the wheel and bearing. Do NOT use lubricants such as vaseline, grease or silicone lubricants as these can collect dirt and perpetuate the problem. Once the wheel is cleaned, replace the wheel per the manufacturer’s instructions and then take it for a test drive.

How Do I Prevent It From Squeaking?

Most parents are not aware, but a stroller should undergo routine maintenance throughout its lifetime. The wheels of a stroller go through various terrain. Debris will get caught in the wheels which may cause a squeak or impact the performance of the stroller. Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual to see if they have a specific recommendation for wheel maintenance. If they do not give instructions for maintenance, follow the instructions to remove the wheels of the stroller. With your fingers, clear out any debris you see. Then, use dry Teflon spray or compressed air to clean the wheels. Replace the wheels per the manufacturer’s instructions and then take the stroller for a test run. Some strollers such as the ZOE XL1 and the ZOE XL2 offer lifetime warranty and guarantee on the wheels so you could try to contact the manufacturer.

This type of maintenance should be done routinely. However, the frequency of the maintenance will depend on how often you use a stroller. If you use the stroller frequently, you may want to do this every couple of months. If you only use the stroller when you are traveling, you could probably get away with doing it once a year. It is important to do regular maintenance on the stroller to ensure good performance and to address wear and tear.


When a stroller squeaks, it can draw attention to you at the mall and be obnoxious. It also can be bad for the performance of the stroller as a squeak is sometimes a precursor to the stroller breaking down. Some squeaks, such as a squeak coming from the frame, cannot be fixed. However, a squeak coming from the wheels can easily be addressed. You can fix the squeak in a wheel by doing some quick maintenance. It’s important to regularly maintain the wheels to prevent squeaks and poor performance that can result from debris being trapped in the wheels or bearings. A stroller is still usable with a squeak however it’s a good idea to address it as soon as possible as it could lead to further problems. Using your stroller can make outings easier with children and it’s important that you address any problems as well as regularly do preventative maintenance which will extend the life of your stroller. The better you take care of the stroller, the longer it will last. With routine maintenance, your stroller will give you optimal performance with each use.

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